Who was Harold Camping? This new documentary should refresh your memory

Who was Harold Camping? This new documentary should refresh your memory September 17, 2014

Harold Camping was the Christian radio broadcaster who issued multiple failed predictions of when the End Times would begin, making him famous and generating millions of dollars.

Now a new film called Apocalypse Later: Harold Camping vs. the End of the World has just been released that documents Campings rise and fall.

Filmmaker Zeke Piestrup had exclusive access to Camping in the days leading up to May 21, 2011, which is when Camping predicted Judgment Day would begin. In fact, he was hired by Camping’s ministry to do a series of YouTube videos counting down the days. As a recent article on Mental Floss puts it,

When the apocalypse failed to occur, this of course left Piestrup with a wealth of material for a feature documentary. (He also interviewed Biblical scholars later, who are the intellectual pillars of the film.) Piestrup interviewed Camping one last time, a year after his failed prediction. That interview is the emotional heart of the film—it’s where we learn what happens when an apocalypticist learns that he was wrong. That interview alone is worth the price of admission.

I’ve only seen the trailer (posted below), but it certainly seems like an intriguing character study as well as a look into why we are perpetually obsessed with the apocalypse.

The film was just released on VOD on Amazon, iTunes, etc.

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  • Benjamin Martin

    Apocalypse FUD is just another way to stampeed people into a preferred behavior.

    Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’
    By Jonathan Amos
    Science reporter, BBC News, San Francisco

  • Dean

    I definitely want to check this out since I have been fascinated with the “End Times” ever since I was first exposed to it as a young Evangelical. Hopefully the documentary will make the comparison to Dispensationalism and futurism in general. In my opinion, you have to give the Howard Camping folks props for putting their money where their mouth is. You rarely see these other end times prophets at mainstream Evangelical churches take any action to reflect their belief that Jesus is returning in their lifetime. Something tells me they all have 401ks and estate plans. Another great documentary along these lines is “Waiting for Armageddon”.

  • Paul Cena

    It really looks amazing I am really looking forward to it, let’s hope doesn’t disapoints everyone

    • Kevin Miller

      I won’t make any predictions about it… 🙂

      • Paul Cena

        Haha… man I know it will be great you are very talented

        • Kevin Miller

          Just so you know, I didn’t make it!

          • Paul Cena

            Well very bad to heart it dude, better luck next time. Don’t lose heart keep going like the wind and stay blessed and happy