Does Enlightenment Happen Gradually or with a Bang _ Sadhguru Video

Does Enlightenment Happen Gradually or with a Bang _ Sadhguru Video May 2, 2017

Below is the video from the Sadhguru channel, titled Does Enlightenment Happen Gradually or with a Bang _ Sadhguru. Enjoy! For more Sadhguru videos check out the Sadhguru video tag.

Does Enlightenment Happen Gradually or with a Bang _ Sadhguru – Video

Does Enlightenment Happen Gradually or with a Bang _ Sadhguru – Transcript

The Mango Season is just getting over in India. It’s a big thing If you looked at the mango tree in the month of October number December You didn’t see any sweetness dripping out of it Suddenly in January February flowers came They were not as attractive as jasmine or [rose] flowers or something some tiny little flowers came Suppose you do not know this a mango tree and you [tested] it you take a leaf and bite it it is quite bitter but suddenly in the month of April [Main] huge drops of sweetness Hanging there in the tree so If you did not have prior Prior knowledge that this is a mango tree did you think This tree is actually manufacturing this sweetness But you think suddenly in April’s witness came it has been slowly manufacturing [this] sweetness and it put it out at a certain season but It’s been on right through the year isn’t it mangoes Happen only in one season You notice the sweetness only at a certain time This does not mean the Mango tree was [not] striving and working to produce its sweetness You cut any part of the mango tree and taste it you will not find a slightest tinge of sweetness believe me but when the Mango comes how much sweetness Where is it coming from? [he’s] been working on it You couldn’t see it Similarly is it a process for sure. It’s a process but Can everybody see the process identify the process know? When somebody is evolving on the spiritual path [others] thought he’s a nutcase Somebody thought he is [we’re] [grand] somebody thought he’s a wagga [bond] somebody thought [he’s] something else but when the sweetness came Everybody who tasted realized that this is a fantastic thing so Nothing in the universe happens bang bang bang everything [is] a process Can you identify the process can you recognize the process is the question? Generally Anybody who carries generally among human beings when they’re children? Any child which carries a certain level of genius within him which is irrepressible? Everybody has genius within them but their repressible systems in the Society Their own Fears Their own anxieties they don’t need for security represses their genius every human being has some kind of genius but Over [90%] of the human beings never find expression to it because they give in to other things things become other things become more important When you were 12 15 you thought I’ll do this. I’ll do that. I’ll go to the moon but you saw the neighborhood girl and Started calling her the moon Maaan disappeared so Like this in everybody the possibility is wide open the thing is can you sustain the process and Allow it [to] become that possibility between possibility and reality that is a distance Most people neither have the courage nor the conviction to [walk] the distance Largely spiritual process is a kind of an entertainment go to [discourse] after this course this course after discourse read more and more books and Debate how your atman permit man your soul is floating here there and about heaven and hell [and] everything but do nothing about this It’s largely like entertainment so There is a process for sure The process can be approached consciously or it may be an unconscious process But you’re doing the right things this is the beauty of this universe Whether you know or you do not know knowingly or unknowingly With discipline or within discipline [we] lao or with hate? If you do the right things the right things will happen to you [that] [is] the beauty of this universe So shankara [adi] [Sankara] said [Yoga] roto iboga Ottawa somehow either through yoga or [bogus] somehow do it somehow find the truth of your inner nature because What we are considering as truth is simply this Whatever works on all levels of life must be the truth isn’t it? Whatever really works and all levels of life must be the truth Whatever you know in your life test it right now because you have a mind which can project right now You are striving for A certain level of income or a certain kind of house or a car or something else or something else? Put yourself in different stages of life [and] see if it still means a lot to you see suppose Not tomorrow. Let’s say a hundred years later. You’re on your deathbed Just see if your jewelry you make up your car will mean something to you on that day This does not mean you must give it up today. It is just that you must keep it in its place You must not carry it in your heart There is a difference between using something and being used by something most people most people do not know how [to] use the things that they buy the [things] that they buy are using them up there enslaving the human being Whatever things you want to use you [can] use that’s not an issue But the problem means you let those things use you This is not okay so if you just take care That you [are] not used by anything You understand the limited role that everything has in your life the limited role of your education the limited role of eukarya the limited role of your marriage the limited role of your Relationships the limited role of your wealth the limited role of everything that you’re doing if you understand Where one thing begins and where it ends? Then you don’t have to do anything spiritual process is on When the season is right the flowers will bloom and mangoes will come you

Does Enlightenment Happen Gradually or with a Bang _ Sadhguru – Notes

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