Ending Fear-Based Education – Sadhguru Video

Ending Fear-Based Education – Sadhguru Video May 14, 2017

Below is the video from the Sadhguru channel, titled Ending Fear-Based Education – Sadhguru. Enjoy! For more Sadhguru videos check out the Sadhguru video tag.

Ending Fear-Based Education – Sadhguru – Video

Ending Fear-Based Education – Sadhguru – Transcript

IPeople see you as human. Everyone around me seems to fit. They seem connected to some a human being has to Construct their life a human beings have to construct their lives all the time thinking about how to earn a living an Earthworm a grasshopper a bird on the tree all of them on their living isn’t it? With such a big brain you’re supposed to do something little different Than just earn a living Earning a living should be the most Basic thing with a millionth of your brain you can handle it But we have raised earning a living to the heavens today unfortunately Entire system is about how to earn a living how to earn a living This is a way of completely destroying human intelligence This is a way of Tarnishing human genius in every possible way because how to earn a living has become the greatest thing in the world Why people are driving you in this direction is because they’ve built one fake economic engine Which they have to feed all the time? They have to feed it all the time Because of this we are sacrificing our children as a fuel for this economic engine that we have built It is time at least a niche amount of children are not concerned about how they will earn their living When I was growing up not for a moment. I had this thought in my mind how will I earn my living? My father used to be worried. What will happen to this boy There is no fear in his heart about anything One day I turned around and asked him when did fear become a virtue I Am saying we are bringing up children with this fear if you don’t pass you know what will happen to you Continuously fear-based education that if you don’t get this many marks you finished Eighteen thousand children in 2015 have committed suicide in our country when our children commit suicide We must know we are doing something fundamentally wrong There’s no question about it anymore. Isn’t it? Children are fresh life Exuberant life if children have to take their own lives There is no worse thing that can happen to your society Isn’t it true you Say that either the worst thing that can happen to your society I am asking you is there the worst thing many of your parents. Is there a worse thing than This that you are child less than 12 13 years of age committed suicide. Can you ever recover from that? I’m asking? This is the most horrible thing that can happen and this is happening because In our country 98 is passed mark Yes even if you get 98 parents will ask what happened to the other 2% So we as educators If we are really responsible human beings we need to turn this around it’s very very important and this is a crucial time all these years there has been a certain economic depravity in the society Where they wouldn’t listen to anything? Earning a living was everything at least we are on a threshold of an economic possibility This is the time to change the mentality of Education This is the time for the parents and the children to look at it little differently You

Ending Fear-Based Education – Sadhguru – Notes

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