Getting a Taste of Life _ Sadhguru Video

Getting a Taste of Life _ Sadhguru Video June 7, 2017

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Getting a Taste of Life _ Sadhguru – Video

Getting a Taste of Life _ Sadhguru – Transcript

Sadhguru: This is the beauty of this world if you do the right things whichever way it still works. You do it crying you do it with love you do it with joy you do it with hatred you do it with anger if you do the right thing it works. This is the way of the world as long as you’re doing the right things it doesn’t matter how you do it it still works. There is no such thing as only if you do it lovingly it’ll work. No if you do it lovingly it’ll be beautiful for you that’s all. The process will be wonderful for you; otherwise it’ll be misery but it still works. If you go and water these mango plants with great distress still it works mangos will come it’s just that you can’t enjoy it somebody else will eat it. If you do it very joyfully lovingly the first sight of the flower you will notice it maybe you will get to eat it; otherwise you may not eat it but it still works. So this is the beauty of this existence as long as you’re doing the right things it works. How you do it will decide the quality of your life not whether it happens or not; it’ll anyway happen. It once happened there was a chicken farmer you know the chicken farmer a poultry farmer. So as a part of enhancing productivity he was always researching and one day he found a newspaper article about how a man set a record by laying 24000 bricks in a day bricklayer. So he was very inspired. He cut this article out of the newspaper and he was taking it into the poultry. People asked ‘What are you going to do? Where are you going? He said ‘I am going to tell all my chicken how this man laid 24000 bricks in a day.’ You are hoping it doesn’t work like this. This is not the way it works. A man laid 24000 bricks you tell your chicken it’s not going to lay 24000 eggs for you; it doesn’t work that way. Just to find out how this one works unfortunately people take a whole life time and still they don’t know how this works. If you understand this much that if you raise beyond your discrimination and if you’re able to look at everything as one if you have only one eye for everything for this one kind of eye for this another kind of eye – no not that. You have only one eye for everything. If you are like this suddenly your body will be full of light it works. So this one thing just this one thing if you can instead of being here if you allow your spirituality to go till here if these two eyes get submerged and you are able to see everything with one eye not with two. You like this person you don’t like this person you love this person you hate this person you are okay with this one not okay with this one this one is nice you can’t stand that one if you just transcend that; if you’re able to look at everything with one eye sadhana will go to a different dimension altogether. This one thing you must do; otherwise lighting up takes lot of effort. If you want to light up without this it takes phenomenal effort and it dissipates very soon. See when you are when you are looking at your life only as a survival process discrimination is a must. You walk out on the street you are like any other animal in the forest constantly looking who is okay who is not okay where is the danger where iswhere is a friend where is an enemy constantly looking out. If you live in that condition survival gets taken care of yes but this discriminatory process if it exceeds its limits then everything in the existence becomes regimented and the chances of ever you lighting up becomes remote. it is useful only for survival. If you want to look at life if you want to perceive life for what it really is you need one eye not two. The two will help you to survive and that’s all. It is just that over a period of time survival the word survival might have gotten complicated. ‘No that is not it it’s not just survival. To carry my profession to pursue my career to do this to do that I need discriminatory mind.’ It is just that you have complicated your survival process that’s all. What used to be just food in the stomach at one time survival now it has become many many many things. The survival process has gotten extremely complicated. As the so called civilization happens people did not get really civilized they complicated their savagery. Simple savagery was you saw a man if you didn’t like him you speared him; that’s simple savagery now it’s very complex. If you don’t like somebody you will write a long article in the newspaper not mentioning anything about him but you will maul him in a million different ways. So complicating constantly going on complicating the survival process will present you with many problems and of course you could find solutions you could busy yourself in inventing problems and finding solutions. What is the solution ultimately? You will see if you go like this the only relief both for the people who believe they are finding solutions and people who are directly who are straight forward about creating problems and people who create problems in round about ways for both of them the only relief ultimately will be to ‘rest in peace’ because that’s the only time they will know what it means to at least lie down in one place without rolling within themselves all the time. Not one moment of stillness will you ever know. If you have not known the beauty and immensity of being still to put it simply you are actually ill. If I sit like this naturally you will think I’m ill isn’t it? Is this not what’s happening with your mind? This is illness. Your only comfort is even the doctor is not able to see because two shaking people can’t see each other shaking. If you can’t get a handle on this life do you believe that you have any grasp of the whole cosmic scape or any other aspect of life? You think it’s possible? It is just that you will become dedicated to your psychological process. What’s happening in your mind your thought and your emotion becomes of paramount importance. When your thought and your emotion becomes paramount importance to put it very simply what it means is your petty creation has taken precedence it has become far more important than the grandeur of the creator’s creation that’s all it means. That is a very very small way to exist on the planet. Smallest way for a human being to exist is to be caught up in his creation because what you can create here whoever you may be however powerful you may be however capable you may be what you can create is so petty compared to the scape of creation that’s already happened. If you want to know life if you want to taste life if you want to suck the sap of life it’s never going to happen through your psychological process.

Getting a Taste of Life _ Sadhguru – Notes

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