God is Our Making – Dr. Devi Shetty with Sadhguru Video

God is Our Making – Dr. Devi Shetty with Sadhguru Video June 10, 2017

Below is the video from the Sadhguru channel, titled God is Our Making – Dr. Devi Shetty with Sadhguru. Enjoy! For more Sadhguru videos check out the Sadhguru video tag.

God is Our Making – Dr. Devi Shetty with Sadhguru – Video

God is Our Making – Dr. Devi Shetty with Sadhguru – Transcript

Satguru scriptures tell us [that] everything happening in this world including what happens in our life is preordained Which I hope they said that at least that’s what I thought that we are destined to do something irrespective What happens if that is the case we are destined to die someday then what’s the role of people like us in this world? Oh? oh We’re definitely destined to die People can have people come and tell me Sadhguru this man my enemy. I come and bear him I want to do something. I said just wait he will die You don’t have to do anything. Just wait just be patient So destined to die. Yes But I don’t think ever any scripture has mentioned that your life is predetermined predetermined a preordained This is an importt from outside You must understand the fundamental Nature of What this culture is is [it] rooted in this? This [a] godless culture you must understand this There has never been an idea of God in this country. It’s an imported value let me put this into perspective Because it upsets a lots of people We have many divine entities many We count some 33 million something like that How did all these gods come up? so The idea the monotheistic idea is there is a god sitting out there and doing things to you. So they believe in dictatorship that? [there] is somebody who Determines everything Not so in this culture here. There is no idea of God but there are many divine entities. What are these entities? Generally if you [look] back the language that was used for all [the] deities that you have is your Devi is a yantra Always a yantra the word yantra literally means a machine or a device or a tool? When I refer to our own Yogic Temples as tools people get offended Sadhguru don’t say that it means more [than] our life [I] said [if] you are offended by this you come to the [nation’] I am giving going to give you a plumbing job To do in Darshan without tools you must use [your] nails and your teeth and do plumbing in the Ashram for three days After three days I will give you a chained winch or a spanner will you worship or no? Will you worship the tool or know after having lost all your teeth? so the power of the tool The power of the tool is something that we always understood. We are at V as human beings We are who we are in the on this planet only because the tools that we have created If you did not have any tools a dog would dominate us isn’t it yes or no? It’s only because of the tools human beings have become who they are. So there are a screwdriver is a tool too But there are subtler tools energy tools subjective tools which can open up different dimensions of life So for this for every dimension we create a different tool a different [possibility] Because we clearly know without this tool. We would never access this possibility We bow down to it and we worship it because without being worshipful it will not ill to you This is we clearly know gods are our making It is just that others have forgotten So here we told you your life is your karma This means your life is your making Where is the question of preordained? Such a thing never arises in this culture Thank you sir but it’s dangerous for a drug doctor to think it’s preordained

God is Our Making – Dr. Devi Shetty with Sadhguru – Notes

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