Going Beyond Just ‘Talking’ Spirituality _ Sadhguru Video

Going Beyond Just ‘Talking’ Spirituality _ Sadhguru Video June 11, 2017

Below is the video from the Sadhguru channel, titled Going Beyond Just ‘Talking’ Spirituality _ Sadhguru. Enjoy! For more Sadhguru videos check out the Sadhguru video tag.

Going Beyond Just ‘Talking’ Spirituality _ Sadhguru – Video

Going Beyond Just ‘Talking’ Spirituality _ Sadhguru – Transcript

Questioner: Namaste Sadhguru. My name is Dipesh I’m coming from Kerala. I have been reading books almost h hundred books about spirituality. I I like talking spirituality I like philosophizing about spirituality about Buddhism anapanasati yoga -everything but when coming to practice I postpone it. How to avoid laziness? (Laughter) Sadhguru: So you cannot think about it you cannot talk about it because whatever you think and talk about is not spirituality. It’s not even good literature. Really believe me there’s better literature in the world than spiritual books. If hundred books that you read did not create enough thirst in you to do something about it there is nothing spiritual about these books. If it created a longing within you that you couldn’t help doing something about it then that book is okay even that book is not spiritual at least it’s inspirational. It inspired you enough to take a step. And a million words that you read are of no consequence. If you take one little step it’s worth all the scriptures on the planet. So before it’s too late take at least one small step. Now that you’re here at least start one twelve minute Isha Kriya. And I’ve specially designed this for people like you it’s got words in the meditation (Laughter/Applause) because (Laughs) those who live on words those who feed upon words without words they cannot live you know. There’re enough beautiful things in this planet and in this existence if you paid enough attention you would become wordless. But a whole lot of people thrive on words because they have never paid enough attention to anything. So if you pay enough attention you will become wordless. For days on end as a growing boy I never said a word because what’s there to say? You can’t drink in the world around you it’s too much. These two eyes and these five senses are not enough to grasp. It hardly gives you any sense. So when you don’t pay attention to life you will get hugely enamored by words. And I’m sure You said Buddhism and all (Laughs) so you’re repeating what Gautama said or whatever they printed in his name. Yes (Laughs) because if I speak something today by tomorrow morning it becomes hundred different versions. If Gautama spoke – poor man twenty-five hundred years ago what all they should have said in his name. They’ve said too many words which are not his words. And that is why it becomes an ‘ism’ (Laughs). It has become an ‘ism’ means that means there’s nothing to do with the Buddha. Buddhism means all the people around created a whole lot of things. Buddha is a different thing. Buddhism is another thing. So with everything else. So don’t feed on those ‘isms’ just start one simple process with words best for you. (Laughs) Please do it.

Going Beyond Just ‘Talking’ Spirituality _ Sadhguru – Notes

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