Guru Purnima – When the First Guru was Born _ Sadhguru Video

Guru Purnima – When the First Guru was Born _ Sadhguru Video June 20, 2017

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Guru Purnima – When the First Guru was Born _ Sadhguru – Video

Guru Purnima – When the First Guru was Born _ Sadhguru – Transcript

(Sadhguru): Poornima means a full moon day. Every full moon day that happens twelve or thirteen full moons that come in a year each one of them have a different quality about them. Most people today living in cities they don’t know which phase of the moon it is right now they’ve completely forgotten. Today is a new moon day don’t look up there’s no moon today (Laughter) because today is a new moon day or in America they call it no moon day very literal (Laughs). Which phase of the moon it is most people do not know today because blazing lights noises and this and that nobody pays attention either to the sky or to their own body. If you pay If you look up into the sky for sure you can know or if you close your eyes and look at your system you can know what phase of the moon it is because with every phase of the moon the human system accordingly behaves mildly differently. This much you know that on a full moon day and a new moon day if you were a sailor you would for sure know what’s happening around you because the very oceans are rising on this day. It’s a huge body of water it’s rising. If you look at this planet as a body this water body that we call as ocean is covering over seventy percent of the land or the area. Similarly if you look at this body (Gestures) even here over seventy percent is water not by accident that’s the design (Laughs). So if the very oceans are rising you think the water in your body is not rising? The water in the ocean is laden with salt. Salt does not mean just the salt that we use variety of things which we experience as salt. But the waters here (Referring to oneself) have a more complex mixture this is a more complex soup than the oceanic soup. Whether you made a great soup out of yourself or a lousy soup that depends but still it’s a very complex soup. There (Referring to the oceans) – just salt water rises. Out of this ships will go many things are launched various things happening the life changes in the ocean quite dramatically on this day and on the full moon day. The same is happening here (Referring to oneself) but not being sailors Sailor means somebody who wants to go somewhere you know. Sailor means somebody who is always longing to go to a new place. So if you are a spiritual seeker you’re like a sailor always want to go to a new place not because this place is bad but we want to go to a new place within us. We understand We are mature enough to know if I move from this place to another place geographically it’s not really going to change my life. So we understood we have to go to a new place within ourselves. So in a certain way you’re a sailor. If you’re a sailor the full moon day and the new moon day are very significant for you. You’re waiting for that to happen. That’s the day you would like to launch your new ship (Laughs). So pournami means it is a day when you can launch things within you. So there is a whole system of yoga which is calibrated for the lunar cycles and the solar cycles so that one can make use of this system one can make use of nature’s help. As I said among these twelve – thirteen twelve to thirteen full moons that happen they are of different quality. So accordingly they have been identified I think in in China there’s some significance no probably in Japan probably. August moon you have some significance to August moon hmm? Chinese participants: Yes. Sadhguru: There is? Whatever the significance I do not know but essentially the full moon that comes immediately after the summer solstice and the winter solstice are of a certain significance. This time Guru Poornima is the second full moon not the first one because of some astronomical calculations it’s been moved to the second full moon otherwise it’s always the first full moon after the solstice. The first full moon after the winter solstice is called Dhanya Pournami which is considered a day of fulfillment and in Tamil Nadu it is celebrated as Thaipoosam -is it? No it comes little after that? Okay. It’s called Dhanya Pournami and it is celebrated in different ways but essentially it means the day of fulfillment. So this Guru Poornima this Poornima or this full moon after the summer solstice historically and also in terms of celestial arrangement of things it’s significant because Adhiyogi chose to become a Adiguru. The first yogi decided to become the first guru over fifteen thousand years ago on this day which is called as Guru Poornima. It is the birth of the first guru and this is the day he delivered or he started transmitting the most significant message to humanity which was never before. That is he he made them realize that if you’re willing to strive all the limitations that nature has set upon you you can cross. You can evolve beyond your present limitations if only you’re willing to strive and do the needed things within you. Till then and even today largely most people believe that ‘This is the way I’m made. This is either god’s will or my father’s mistake (Laughs) but this is the way I am I can’t do anything about it.’ On this day Adiyogi introduced this possibility to humanity and said ‘If you are willing to strive I will give you a science through which you can go beyond all limitations that are considered human limitations.’ Even today when people use the word human most of the time when people use the word human they’re not talking about the immensity of being human the power of being a human the possibility of being human. They’re talking about the limitations of being human. When somebody says ‘Oh! I’m only human’ they’re talking about how I’m limited. Very rarely somebody is referring to ‘I am human’ as a great possibility because still most of the people believe that either because of god’s will or my parent’s mistake I’m like this and this is all I can do. If you experience a rebirth if you make a rebirth possible for yourself naturally your most important work will be to ensure that the entire world knows that if they are willing to strive they can cross all the limitations created by themselves created by their genetics created even imposed by the nature even those limitations you can cross. The limitations of life and death one can cross if one is willing to strive for it. So on this day which is called as the Guru Poornima this message was delivered. So it’s very very significant because this made human life into a possibility a limitless possibility rather than being some kind of a trap of being one more kind of creature on the planet. So we must celebrate this.

Guru Purnima – When the First Guru was Born _ Sadhguru – Notes

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