Guru Purnima with Sadhguru (2017) – Live Video

Guru Purnima with Sadhguru (2017) – Live Video June 21, 2017

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Guru Purnima with Sadhguru (2017) – Live – Video

Guru Purnima with Sadhguru (2017) – Live – Transcript

Sadhguru: Namaskaram to everyone. The Guru Pournima this blessed day it’s a fortune that all of us are here at the foothills of Velliangiri in the presence of Adiyogi The significance of the day is this that it is on this day over 15000 years ago that for the first time for the very first time in the history of humanity that human beings were reminded that if we are willing if you are willing you can transcend all the so called limitations that nature has set upon you. Today it’s common to use the word human referring to the limitations that are upon individual human beings. Very rarely anybody says ‘I’m human!’ For all the possibilities that we are well at least Charles Darwin told you even if you don’t believe it that you are the peak of evolution on this planet. If you are the very peak of evolution if you’re on top of the pile of all the creatures on this planet millions of varieties of life in all that you are supposed to be the most evolved in faculty in intelligence and in ability to experience express and live. But how often did you hear someone referring to the word human in terms of the immensity of being human. ‘Oh I’m only human!’ This is what you heard most of the time. Whenever you goof up ‘Oh I’m only human!’ It is time – because this was the intent of Adiyogi that human beings realize the immensity of what it means to be human. Now that he’s here once again powerfully it is our intent that in the coming years we have to establish this that (Laughs) in the coming years we have to establish this that people will use the word human referring to the great possibilities that the human being carries not the limitations and goof ups that human beings can be. If this has to happen we have to shift humanity from belief to responsibility. Literally from religion to responsibility. When I say religion to responsibility – for too long for too long people have been looking up and walking. You know very well there is no more argument about it though the planes look flat here you know very well the planet is round and it’s spinning and you have no clue which is up and which is down. What do you what do you say for those people who are down under and they’re looking up? I understand ‘up’ is not geographical ‘up’ is by intent. If really ‘up’ is an intent within you it’s very important that you must shift to a more responsible existence that means whatever nonsense you are right now whatever great possibility you are right now whatever wonderful things you are right now whatever terrible things you are right now you must see that you are essentially responsible for this. This is what Adiyogi brought to humanity 15000 years ago. And not only the intent but also the technology as to how to fulfill this intent how to take charge of this human system which modern science clearly tells you is the most sensitive and most capable physiological system on the planet. An elephant may be big a tiger may be ferocious but a human being has the ability to do things. It’s not just about doing things in the world a human being has an ability to experience life like no other creature can experience. A human being if willing can sit here and download the entire cosmos within himself or herself. It is towards this ability that the entire technology of yoga the science of yoga is focused towards this to enhance a human being in such a way that from being a comical human being becomes a cosmic human being (Applause). I say comical because when everything is telling us modern science is telling us Adiyogi told us long time ago that we are the most evolved beings on this planet. But if we were the most evolved beings we must be living the most profound and perfect life. But instead most human beings today forget about downloading cosmos forget about living in an ecstatic manner most people are thinking the ultimate goal in their life is to achieve a little bit of peace of mind. If that’s your goal you will only rest in peace (Few laugh). So essentially the significance of Adiyogi and the significance of Guru Pournima is just this. The first full moon after the summer solstice when the relationship between the sun and the planet goes through a metamorphosis because the direction and the transaction that happens between the sun which is the very source of energy for this planet – if you’ve forgotten you’re all solar powered. Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: You thought you’re diesel fired (Laughter)? You’re all solar powered. Every life on this planet from a plant to an insect to a bird to an animal even a microbial creature is essentially solar powered. Everything that happens here the chemical caldron of what we call as this planet is fired by the solar energy. Life is possible only because of solar energy here. So the relationship between the sun and the planet in what mode it is right now being conscious of that and being able to make use of that is very important. So we identified two fundamental changes which are further bifurcated into four. When there is a northern run in relation to this planet of the sun we call this uttarayana which just got over on 21st of June. And now we are on the southern run this is called dakshinayana. I know the Tamil people they’re very proud of being south. But we are north of the equator okay (Laughter)? We are in the northern hemisphere. This is a perfect place because we are at eleven degrees latitude right here. Adiyogi is sitting at almost bang on eleven degrees (Applause). Why this is important is because planet’s rotation is at a tilt and approximately at eleven degrees the centrifugal pitch is nearly vertical. As you sit here in this space unknowingly the very movement of the earth is pushing you upward. It is creating an upsurge of energy within you. Took me over eighteen years or nearly nineteen years of search – more than that yeah – nearly nineteen years of search to find this place because at that time I did not know it’s eleven degrees otherwise I would have just found it very easy. I was looking for a certain type of energy. Nobody told me it’s eleven degrees. And I was too stubborn to go to any kind of school or a place I could learn nor could I identify such a place so I was looking for a certain type of energy. And it’s much later that we came to this that this happens at eleven degrees latitude north. So here we are on this Guru Pournami this is the day the reluctant yogi – there’s only one yogi Adiyogi. We are all this small spill out of him. Small drops that fell of him. When he propounded or he expounded whatever he did to put it very simply in today’s language all he did was he started reading the user’s manual for this most complex machine called human mechanism. User’s manual means we must understand that if you get yourself a new gadget – let’s say you got yourself one of those very sleek new super thin laptop. You don’t have user’s manual it looked nice and sharp so you took it home and use it to cut vegetables (Laughter). It works quite well. Apple Air can make a good vegetable chopper. Only thing is it’s a tragedy that a machine which could do something fantastic for you is being used in a rudimentary way. Cutting vegetables is not a bad thing it’s very important. But we could use an appropriate instrument for that. We don’t need something as sophisticated as a computer to cut vegetables. Similarly to eat sleep reproduce and die one day you don’t need such a complex machine every other creature does it better than us. So Adiyogi started reading the user’s manual for these seven sages. And because the machine is so intricate the user’s manual seems to be somewhat complex. So he created one-hundred-and-twelve ways to read it. Hundred-and-twelve ways in which you could read. If you just want one level of life you read it one way if you want another level of life you read it another way if you want the ultimate level of life you read it in a completely different way. As you see every day though our education systems our social norms is trying to put everybody through the same extruder do what you want individual human beings live at different levels of sensitivity and experience you can’t stop that. But if you approach it scientifically and make it a conscious effort that every individual human being can be cultivated as a individual possibility rather than putting them through common process We are attempting this right now. We have this dream of coming up with an educational board where each child will be educated as he needs it according to his genius (Applause). No no don’t clap your hands we will need all of you to come and teach (Laughter). Because if you do not cultivate great human beings how do you have a great nation? How do you have a great world? If you treat individual human beings from an early age like a herd of cattle and you expect a phenomenal world to live in – it doesn’t happen. If you want to live in a great world we have to tend to our children individually like they are individual life which they are. And each one of them a unique possibility each one of them a unique genius of their own. Do we have the commitment and love in our heart to cultivate this or because they’ve come somehow just put them through something and be done with it – is that our idea of raising children? It’s something we have to come to. ‘But Sadhguru what’s yoga got to do with this?’ This is what yoga is. Though it starts as a common practice at the beginning it has a phenomenal capability. If it is taught as a live process if yoga is taught as a live process as Adiyogi intended He spoke the same things to all the seven people but it evolved very intricately different in each person. You’re seeing this happening with Inner Engineering. If 10000 people are here each one of them will go through it like it’s taught to them separately. This is the nature of yoga that if it is given in live form – not as a teaching not as a dogma not as some kind of belief system or a cultural identity – but if it is taught as a live process if it is offered as a live process if thousands of people are here each one of them will experience it in a unique way and that’s how it should happen that is when it is true yoga. Otherwise we are imitating yoga we are doing something like it that’s not that was not his intent. His intent was that every human being will have the necessary manure – tch am I using the wrong word? Each human being will have the necessary nourishment – let me be kind to you on this day (Few laugh) – will have the necessary nourishment so that the unique dimension of one’s individual nature blossoms to not conflict and confront other entities around us but blossoms to contribute blossoms to bring fragrance blossoms to bring beauty to the world. Isn’t it wonderful that there are so many types of plants there are so many types of flowers there are so many types of fruits insects birds animals! Suppose we had only tigers. Well so many of you wouldn’t be here (Few laugh). Similarly I want you to just look at this – most of the time people’s conflict with others is just this that they are not like you. Just imagine your home imagine your home just one more person exactly like you could you live in that place? Be be (Laughs) Be sincere about this one more person just like you could you live in that place? No no one is too much (Few laugh) one more (Laughs) impossible to live there. So Guru Pournima is significant because it brings this back into our life it’s a reminder for us that this is the birth of the first guru. This is not People are asking me ‘Sadhguru is Guru Pournima is your birthday’ (Laughter)? (Laughs). This is not about the guru this is about transformation. This is about reminding ourselves that if we are willing we can transcend all limitations. Today all of you to some extent in your high school at least you’ve gone through some understanding of evolution. How you were all monkeys and – you know not me it was Charles Darwin who said this – and evolution happened and you became human and all this stuff. But 15000 years ago when people believed or they had no clue how they are here they thought something else from somewhere else we must have been dropped here. He brought this he brought this possibility that if a monkey can evolve to become human a human can evolve consciously to become something else. While when you were a monkey – I’m not accusing you okay I’m just telling you – when you were a monkey you did not desire ‘I want to be human’ nature just push you on. But once you become human because you become conscious enough now now there is room for conscious evolution. This is the dimension that Guru Pournima represents that there is a possibility beyond natural forces. There is a possibility that individual human beings can evolve beyond all the limitations we think are natural. Different people are living in different states of limitations different dimensions of limitations and different levels of suffering and confusion. It doesn’t matter where you are for every type of human being for every type of human being there is a method there is a possibility that yoga offers and this process of looking at these one-hundred-and-twelve ways in which an individual human being can transcend his or her limitations and come to a state of freedom absolute freedom this started on this day many many many years ago. But today it is far more significant than ever before because after all these millennia it is now in this generation in 21st century that we have come to a place that our survival process is better organized than ever before. Today you can go to a store if you have the money? You can buy everything you need for next one year and not step out of your home. This was never ever possible. So now that survival is taken care of naturally human beings will long for more. So it is just perfect timing that he is back here once again with us (Applause) to remind people across the world that if you are willing you can transcend all your limitations. When we say your limitations there are only two fundamental limitations of body and mind. Body is just made with soil and water from this land. Well when I say soil and water I cannot help touching upon this because this year particularly this land across the country particularly in Tamil Nadu we have suffered immensely due to lack of water. Monsoons today the cloud seem to be crossing the mountains but just wind has been coming monsoon season it must be pouring right now but just wind is blowing and terrible things have happened. Tamil Nadu’s grain production this year has dropped by sixty-five percent. Farmers across the country are committing suicide. Those who give life nourishing food to us are taking their own life. We can’t just sit and think nothing is happening. All this because there is a serious depletion of water bodies particularly rivers and serious depletion of top soil. Most rivers or all rivers on an average in the last seventy years since independence have depleted by nearly forty to forty-five percent. Many rivers like Ganga Narmada have depleted over sixty percent. Cauvery for which these two southern states we are struggling with each other as to who should get how much. I must tell you from the age of twelve to seventeen almost every day I swam in this river. But today when I see Cauvery tears come to me because it is forty percent of what I saw at that time. And Cauvery is drying up almost hundred-and-seventy kilometers inland in Tamil Nadu it’s not touching the ocean. The entire length of Cauvery is only eight-hundred-and-seventy kilometers after that of that four-hundred-and-thirty kilometers run in Tamil Nadu and it is drying up hundred-and-seventy kilometers inland. I want you to understand this is unfolding of a serious disaster. You see in the news yesterday that thousands of acres of coconut farms are being brought down in Tamil Nadu because they’re all drying up. Always in Southern India people said there are Tamil sayings which say ‘Before you take care of your children take care of your coconut tree’ because if you take care of your coconut tree next eighty to hundred years it will take care of you and your next generation. This is the understanding. But today farmers are bringing down their coconut trees in thousands. Hundreds and thousands of coconut trees and areca nut trees have been brought down in the last two years because there is no water. As a part of this to raise awareness in the country that we need to act now not tomorrow we need to act now to do some kind of corrective action. The simple thing that we need to do is we need to understand this – the water on this planet has not disappeared. The same amount of water which was here a million years ago is still here. It’s just that it’s not coming to us. Why is it not coming to us what is the reason why it’s not coming to us – one fundamental reason is there is not enough vegetation that we have ploughed lands right from Kanyakumari right up to Himalayan foothills we have ploughed it up. The pressure of population has taken a toll on the land. And this is a land which has probably the oldest history of agriculture on the planet. I hear people saying that in Tamil Nadu farming has been happening for over 12000 years probably the longest anywhere in the world. We are still plowing the same land and for all these millennia it fed us. But now in two generations we have brought it to a place where all the studies are showing nearly twenty-five percent of the land agricultural land in India is on the verge of becoming a desert. Becoming a desert means this – for any land to be considered as soil there must be a minimum of two percent organic content. In many states especially like Punjab and Haryana the organic content has come down to 0.05 percent. Not 0.5 0.05 percent this means it’s on the verge of becoming a desert that means you cannot grow a thing in it. In the next five to ten years it may happen. Why is such a thing happening? See in one acre of land suppose you take out a crop let’s say you take out sugarcane. Let us say eight to ten tons came out of it. What you have taken out is not sugarcane what you have taken out is top soil. So on an average in this country year on year 5.3 billion tons of top soil is taken away in the form of crop. This is nearly one millimeter. How much are we putting back? What we are putting back is negligible. We have only fifteen to seventeen inches of top soil in the entire country and we are taking away one millimeter per year. I want you do some simple arithmetic and tell me in how many years will we become a total desert? How do we put back organic content? From where does it come? Either you must have trees which will shed leaves or you must have animal waste lots of animals and the waste will become organic content. Trees are already gone. Animals are all traveling out in the form of meat. When you export meat you must understand you are not sending meat you are giving away India’s top soil (Applause). There are many things in the country in the last seventy years that we are proud of. Our scientists have done many innovations our space scientists are going to the Mars miraculous things they’re doing. Our businesses have built in a huge way. Many many achievements are there but of all these the greatest achievement we have in our country is that without any great infrastructure without any scientific knowledge without much financial support just with traditional wisdom and blood and sweat our farmers are producing food for over a billion people. This is the greatest achievement in the country (Applause). But today we are pushing the farming community to a place where they have to take their own life. There are many reasons for this but we should not forget one fundamental reason is they are working with not so productive land not enough water. So to put the rivers back to get the rivers flowing that rivers are perennial not seasonal to make this happen one important thing that needs to happen is along the river there must be vegetation. About twenty-five percent Indian rivers the major rivers cover about 20000 kilometers. About twenty-five percent of this 20000 kilometers is owned by the government the land Seventy-five percent is farm. Where government has lands forest must come up. General plantations must happen at least a minimum of one kilometer on both sides. Where it is farmer’s land – it is not fair to ask a poor farmer who is struggling for his livelihood to save the planet. So we have a plan an economic plan with a significant ecological consequence where farmer’s income can be raised three to eight times in five to six years’ time if we do this in an organized way. Towards this we are building a policy with the help of many experts from various fields. Agricultural experts ecological experts hydrology variety of people are contributing to this to build a a recommendation policy a policy recommendation which we want to offer to the government. But rivers are a concurrent subject in India between the Central Government and the State Government. So to bring everybody together above all to raise awareness in the people we are doing a Rally for Rivers starting on 3rd of September (Applause). Hmm? Starting on 3rd of September I’m personally driving with a group of people from Kanyakumari to the foothills of Himalayas (Applause) for over thirty days covering sixteen states. And fortunately – and I have to congratulate them – that almost all the Chief Ministers of these sixteen states have confirmed their participation in the rally (Applause). This shows that everybody is conscious of the seriousness of the problem and everybody wants to do what is needed to be done. And we will start here and end the rally on 2nd of October which is Mahatma’s Jayanti. On that day in New Delhi and want to present this recommendation policy recommendation to the Central Government. This is simple. I want all of you every one of you. When I say everyone everyone who consumes water must Rally for Rivers. ‘What should I do?’ You just have to give a simple missed call I think it’s on the screen – the number. You must get We want to get 100 million people or 10 crore people must give a missed call because you must understand a policy like this involves very large financial outlays and there are many other intricacies and complications in this. In many ways it means a certain change of lifestyle for those who live on the riparian lands or the riverside lands. For this to happen which is a long term policy a government needs people support. People have to say an overwhelming ‘Yes’ that we want this to happen we are willing to go through the small inconveniences for the larger well-being. If we do not show our commitment to revive our rivers it means we have no love for our children. This is what it means. Because what homes you have built what wealth you have made what bank balances you have and what secret accounts you hold elsewhere (Few laugh) all this will not help. If the future generations in this country have to live well the rivers must flow and the soil should remain rich (Applause). I want every one of you to make this missed call from today onwards and should not just stop with one call every one of you should make sure you get at least another hundred people to make the call. Because this is important. Do not if you do not understand what I’m saying just travel to different parts of the country and see what is happening. Every day you’re reading the news – why do you think a farmer is committing suicide? In the last decade over 100000 farmers have committed suicide. Even in a war that many people don’t get killed. Don’t think this is just because of the money lender. One important thing is the very soil and water which he depends upon to make his own living and make food for all of us is not supporting him. We have to put back our soil and get our rivers flowing. On this Guru Purnima day ‘Sadhguru we came here for a spiritual discourse but you’re telling us about the rivers?’ I want you to understand if you think of spirituality if you think of spirit you will become hallucinatory because you don’t know what is the nature of what it is. What it is not is what you have to see. You have a body if you know this is just soil and water. If you know how to keep this aside you become spiritual that’s all it is. You don’t have to go in search of spirit. You just have to keep the material substance that you’ve gathered a little aside in your awareness. So this effort this effort to get the rivers flowing this effort to be inclusive enough of generations which are yet to be born all of you learning to care for life that is yet to be born is spiritual as spiritual as it comes (Applause). So this Guru Pournima I want all of you to take up this. Not make one call and go to sleep. No. Anyway I know you’re in love with your phone these days every day you must keep calling some number you know ten digits will go to somebody (Laughter) that won’t help. You have to make those ten digits you have to send these ten digits to some number and ask them to call. And take up whatever plan there is. Some of them are free some of them are discounted do whatever but make sure that as people of this country and as people of this world as a human being I want you to express that you are human enough to be inclusive. You are not like other creature that as long as I grab my food and eat I’m fine. You’re human. This is what being human means that when we say ‘somebody is being humane’ or somebody expresses humanity we are only saying that they are being inclusive. It is in your inclusiveness that your humanity is rooted. Make use of this campaign to express your inclusiveness to express your humanity. I want every one of you to understand this is not a protest this is not an agitation this is a campaign to bring awareness to country that our rivers are truly depleting seriously. You cannot take them for granted. You cannot think rivers will be always flowing. Many of them are not flowing at all. It is… To express our commitment that we want to get the rivers flowing and the policy is a long complicated process which the governments have to sort it out. But we want to tell the government that we are with you in making this change whatever little inconveniences we have to go through we are willing to go through. And one thing one more way that you can express your commitment is we want to make sure that at least thirty percent of our food comes from the trees not from ploughed crop. We have to do this. This means from today all of you should ensure that at least thirty percent of your diet are fruits. This means you may live ten – fifteen years longer and (Laughs) you may not go to the doctor. You know for a long time they’ve told you ‘An apple a day (Laughs)’ At least thirty percent of your diet if it is fruit you will see that minimum forty percent expense that you have for your medical care will go down in your life and you will live longer and you will live better your brain will work better. I want to see that happening. Thank you very much (Applause).

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