How Can I Evolve – Sadhguru Video

How Can I Evolve – Sadhguru Video June 28, 2017

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How Can I Evolve – Sadhguru – Video

How Can I Evolve – Sadhguru – Transcript

one day … do not sleep on it okay– a man planned to sell a hat in India’s tropical warmth he sold the hats to the village in the afternoon he was very tired sat under a tree opened his snack pack and began to eat then drowsy after a while he opened his eyes-this is how all the hat disappeared looked around where the hats are ?! looked up and saw that a lot of monkeys were on the tree with a hat on his head he started shouting trying to beat them and they were thrown back in this great nervousness he did not know what to do took off his hat and thrown it to the ground helplessly then the monkeys took the hats off and landed he picked up these hats and started selling them again this was at the beginning of the 20th century. November 2009. another merchant started selling hats in the summer and in the afternoon he sat under a tree took his snack and ate when he woke up the hats disappeared he looked up and all the monkeys were sitting on the tree with a hat on his head he got up and started dancing they danced together with her he grimaced at them they were even more grimaced at it he was having fun with them then took his hat off and put it on the floor. a monkey came down from the tree picked up the hat and gave a big blow to the man and said idiot do you think it was just your grandfather? There is scientific evidence that monkeys evolve (develop) such people have not been identified because what is human can not evolve in consciousness when you were a monkey– oh sorry I did not say but Charles Darwin you know —- not me okay I do not call you ape:) Charles Darwin said that you were monkeys tails disappeared and you became human when you were a monkey you could not wish to be a human being only the power of nature brought forward but by becoming a human being either developing consciously or stagnating it depends on your choice now you can not develop under consciousness because now because what’s human is not an agreed stage understand it all other creatures have a defined state but not for man at one point you are Godlike and in the other you are a brutal creature is not it so? Being a man is a process because human beings are fighting At present people are not suffering from their constraints but their freedom at this moment whatever you choose whatever you want is what you want. this is the fight. true? if your life is as knit as the animals then you will not fight so much you can only experience so much disappointment and pain as a human being. not true? look like a tiger when it’s born you do not sit and think how can I become a good tiger. Should I go to the tiger school? 🙂 just have enough food. if he has anything to eat then he is a good tiger. true? you are not like this. you were born to a man. to become a good person how many things you should do .. whatever you are doing you do not know whether or not you have succeeded Yes or no? you can choose people in a particular society and you can say: okay compared to these people I’m better but if you’re just basing yourself on yourself you do not know what is it? true? so to be a man is not a fixed state. (not ordered) all other creatures are in a given state if there is anything to eat then what they are if you know what to eat your body will grow but nothing else will happen true? we need everything else because nature has given us free hands to become what we want and now mankind is suffering from this freedom not its constraints. if you suffer from constraints it’s also bad but it’s still okay. because when you suffer from constancy you want to be free if you suffer from your freedom it’s a tragedy. not true? it is not true? when you suffer from your freedom is the tragedy because what’s the way out of freedom ?? there’s a way out of chains but where is the way out of freedom? 🙂 I can tie myself … see how many ways you try to bind yourself you are trying to find a way out of freedom there is no way out of freedom only from constraint. but there is no freedom. that’s right? freedom is a blessing but only if you are conscious if you do not know then freedom is a curse so now do not curse your freedom. you just have to be more conscious to start doing this … how it works … if you are to swear this freedom is a fantastic thing it’s a beautiful thing because you can be as you like you may want to be the one you want to be (not in the profession but as a saint or a villain). one animal one creature has no freedom except for the human being. true? not true? is it useful or not? if you do not chose to be an instinctive creature you can not call yourself a full-blown person. so this is an evolutionary problem only when you are able to act from your own choice you can say that I am a man because the human being basically means what he chooses. if it becomes instinctive (compulsive) it will be like any creature. that is all nothing more will happen

How Can I Evolve – Sadhguru – Notes

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