Humanity Yes! Morality No! _ Sadhguru Video

Humanity Yes! Morality No! _ Sadhguru Video August 11, 2017

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Humanity Yes! Morality No! _ Sadhguru – Video

Humanity Yes! Morality No! _ Sadhguru – Transcript

Sadhguru: See morality morality has become an important thing in the society because people have forsaken their humanity. If your humanity was alive and active you would not need any morality. People have put their humanity to sleep and trying to behave like human beings with morality and it’s not working because everybody will come up with his own morality. And your kind of morality and another person’s kind of morality is at war all the time. What is right and wrong if you open this debate you will end up with a fight even within your family believe me. Yes or no? No? If you start a debate as to what is right and what is wrong whether it’s in your in the world or in your neighborhood or within the family fight is inevitable because no two people can agree on what is right and wrong and it’s never been settled ever because no such thing exists. Instead of trying to be right why don’t people try to be sensible? We need some sense in the planet. These righteous people are always a trouble. Once you have a strong set of morals you will see nobody in the world is all right. If nobody in the world is okay you have a psychological problem. The first sign of psychological imbalance is you start thinking ‘Nobody is okay.’ So morality is just that it’s the first step towards insanity. You just have to stretch it; if you stretch it you will go there. Maybe you won’t stretch it that far you are willing to bend it. So you manage. These are substitutes for humanity. Why is it our education systems our social mechanisms we are not doing enough to stir up humanity in a human being we are trying to fix it with morality and it’s never worked. All we will do is divide people into different kinds of moral sects and they will always fight because nobody can fit into your morality because even you don’t fit in actually. Unless you are smart enough to subvert it secretly (Laughs) you understand? Otherwise it doesn’t work because morality will not just stick to your profession it will enter every aspect of your life. Once you start thinking what is the right thing to do in my profession you will also think what is the right thing to do on all levels of life isn’t it? Once you start thinking this is the right thing and somebody else think that is the right thing there is going to be a conflict and a constant conflict. If you stir up the humanity within you you will do the most sensible thing that’s needed for that moment and that’s all that matters that your actions are in context with the realities in which you exist. And the context is always changing; if you don’t change according to that once People who are moralistic are always looking archaic for the new generation of people isn’t it? They wonder why these guy is still alive. (Laughs) Yes. If you’re very moralistic even your children will wonder why are you still alive because you look like you are from somewhere else. So what is the most sensible thing to do what brings well-being to you and everybody around you; this is all one needs to look at constantly. Is there some way to fix it? There is no way to fix it. We have to be alive to it; we have to be alive to it every moment and as the context changes what we do has to change. Morality and mortality are not very different. (Laughter)

Humanity Yes! Morality No! _ Sadhguru – Notes

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