Intense and Relaxed _ Sadhguru Video

Intense and Relaxed _ Sadhguru Video August 26, 2017

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Intense and Relaxed _ Sadhguru – Video

Intense and Relaxed _ Sadhguru – Transcript

Namaskar Sadhguru You always talk about how one should be I wanted to know what is it taking a person and what can one person? do to Instill a quality of absolute intensity but at the same time be absolutely relaxed This question comes from a certain fundamental misunderstanding which is all over the place is Right now most people are made like this If I ask you to be intense you become tense If I ask you to relax you become lacks in tension and in laxity your ability to perceive is greatly reduced isn’t it so Yes or no When you’re tense you don’t even see things which are right in front of you When you’re relaxed also you do not see But to be intense and relaxed is the way Right now [Subeksha] asked this question. Why the snake? If you spend little time? With a cobra you will see it is always intense and relaxed always Very intention relaxed. Only when its life is threatened it may become little tense You can allow that much for a reptile okay but otherwise. It’s very intense and relaxed at the same time This is the quality of a yogi intense and relaxed You got to work at it When I say you got to work at it Everything that’s being taught to you Whatever the practice however simple it looks if you give yourself that’s what it is doing to you on one level The voltage of your energy is slowly being raised at the same time it is becoming more and more relaxed with the new Because intensity and relaxation are the most essential qualities for you to be perceptive Why am I going on talking about perception? He’s only what you perceive. You know rest is all nonsense You can believe this and that but essentially only what you perceive you know Yes Well at least you should know when you’re getting into trouble Yes most people do not know Most people do not know when they’re getting into trouble they think only life situations are trouble life situations and situations Some we know how to handle some we do not know how to handle some we handle well some we handled in a ham-handed way Something we do but If you do not know how to handle this and this you are in real trouble but most people don’t get it it happened a missionary went to a very remote part of Africa three centuries ago so he was surrounded by a very violent looking cannibal tribe then He went down on his knees looked up and said: dear God I am in trouble Nothing happened. Then is it God I came on your work and I’m in real trouble you’re doing nothing then God said Now you’re not in trouble. Do one thing: you just pick up that stone Which is in front of you and smash the head of the cannibal chief He picked up the stone inspired by God’s words and smashed the head of the cannibal Chief Then God said:” Okay now you’re in trouble” Something happened something did not happen in your life. That’s not trouble When you don’t know what’s happening within you you’re in real trouble lifetime’s of trouble balloon

Intense and Relaxed _ Sadhguru – Notes

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