Is India Intolerant – Sadhguru Answers Video

Is India Intolerant – Sadhguru Answers Video September 2, 2017

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Is India Intolerant – Sadhguru Answers – Video

Is India Intolerant – Sadhguru Answers – Transcript

Sadhguru: You’re talking about actual intolerance or the debate that’s happening If you’re talking about actual intolerance if you’re talking about intolerance in this country obviously you’ve never traveled outside this country. You don’t know how the rest of the world is. This is the only country left on the planet where everybody can do what they want to do and say what they want to say 1.25 billion people we have our share of nutcases of course Every country has we have our share. At least You must understand this – In this country we have every kind of people – presidents prime ministers cricket captains. Anybody can be anybody according to their talent or their capability or their ability to be there for one reason or the other. What I am saying is this is all I think See I am not a fan of any particular political leader or a party for that matter. But all I am saying is six hundred million people are still hungry in this country. Today you may go home and may have a choice of what to eat. There are six hundred million people who have to choose whether to eat or not to eat okay? When this is the condition when a government gets elected – maybe I didn’t vote I voted for somebody somebody elected somebody majority of the people elected a government once they elect them next five years everybody shut up and support the government whoever it is It’s It’s not about It’s not about who got elected. Whoever got elected five years just shut up and support that government in every possible way. If you’re interested if you have some humanity in you just go around in this country and see the whole goddamn country is a slum. Yes or no? It’s not just in cities the entire country is a slum believe me. They neither have water nor toilet nor anything nor anything okay? When the condition of the country is like this you have time to talk about all these things it’s a shame It’s not about intolerance intolerance it’s lack of humanity in you. Doesn’t matter who we must understand democracy means it’s the rule of institutions. Once you elect someone – this’s an electoral institution – once you elect somebody you elected the devil it doesn’t matter just support the devil next five years. This is what democracy means. ‘I don’t like him so I will pull him down’ this is rubbish. When the people of the country elect somebody just shut up isn’t it? If all of us don’t learn this this is not a question of tolerance intolerance. It just smacks of lack of humanity in us because such a large mass of people still have not have fulfilled their fundamentals. What are we talking sitting here in cities? Just walk around in the villages and see what is the condition of life there. Intolerance! I am very intolerant of this

Is India Intolerant – Sadhguru Answers – Notes

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