It’s Cool Man! _ Sadhguru Video

It’s Cool Man! _ Sadhguru Video September 14, 2017

Below is the video from the Sadhguru channel, titled It’s Cool Man! _ Sadhguru. Enjoy! For more Sadhguru videos check out the Sadhguru video tag.

It’s Cool Man! _ Sadhguru – Video

It’s Cool Man! _ Sadhguru – Transcript

(Sahguru): One more cool question cool it must be not a hot question not a burning question. Cool question? Warm question hmm? (Laughter) You have a cool question? Hmm? Questioner: What is cool life? Sadhguru: Hmm? Questioner: What is cool life? Sadhguru: What is? Questioner: Cool life. Sadhguru: Cool cool life? When you get wet in the rain it’s cool. (Laughter) You take a dip in the Theerthakund it’s pretty cool. What’s cool life? There is no cool life. Either you’re cool or not that’s all. Whatever the situation. Madurai was flooding that day some people got hot; I was cool. (Laughter) So my experience of the sathsang is it was a cool thing for somebody else it’s hot; that’s their problem. (Laughs) So life is neither cool nor hot it is you who can make it either cool or hot. If you get this everything is cool. But anyway this is only a change of terminology. In 70s 80s if something was good we said ‘It’s hot man.’ (Laughter) Now they’re saying ‘It’s cool man.’ (Laughter) So it’s just change of terminology for the same thing okay? Something is good so people maybe this ‘It’s hot’ came from North Pole. With the global warming the terminology is changing cool is in hot is out. But at that time hot was the good thing ‘It’s a hot thing.’ Yes? You know the language in 70s and 80s everybody said it’s a hot thing. If somebody’s really good you said ‘Oh he or she is hot.’ (Child among participants laughs) Now they say (Laughter) You must see this one come here. (Laughter) Come come here come here. You must see how she’s laughing at every joke. (Brings child to his lap) Huh look at her! (Laughter) She’s cool. (Laughter)

It’s Cool Man! _ Sadhguru – Notes

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