Make Yourself a Solution Not a Problem – Video

Make Yourself a Solution Not a Problem – Video October 13, 2017

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Make Yourself a Solution Not a Problem – IIT Delhi Students with Sadhguru 2017 – Video

Make Yourself a Solution Not a Problem – IIT Delhi Students with Sadhguru 2017 – Transcript

We must understand this engineering means Essentially to make things happen the way. We want it. That’s engineering isn’t it? To engineer this building means what we wanted the way we want it We could have sat under a tree but we choose to build this building because we want to sit under something engineered the way we want it Are suitable for us? We are conditioned the place because we want the temperature in a certain way All this we did but is it not important that you engineer this the way you want it Hello? Outside is air-conditioned inside is boiling. What’s the point? I’m saying power is being wasted on you In the last hundred hundred fifty years with the advent of science and technology We have more comforts and conveniences than any generation ever could imagine isn’t it? Yes or no? You have more comforts and conveniences than any generation could ever imagine We are the most comfortable generation ever physically materially But can you say are you the most peaceful generation? Joyful loving no or can you even say you’re the most intelligent generation? That will be wrong thing to say Anybody who claims he is intelligent [amounts] [to] foolishness isn’t it? Because the significance of intelligence is it shows you how many loopholes are there in your intelligence? only a fool things there are no loopholes [a] Truly intelligent person always sees how many loopholes in my intelligence? the significance of being in our technological Institute is not about just getting qualified to get some job somewhere or a Passport [out] of the country it should become a way of creating life Making life happen better than the way it’s happening right now because this is a fundamental responsibility that we have as a generation of people because we occupied this space on the planet for a short brief time when The last generation gave this planet to us whichever way they give it It’s our business that when we leave it. We leave it little better than the way we had it very important How better in what way better you can decide that I won’t say only ecologically better but in every way better It must be better than the way [we] got it This means we have to engineer Ourselves to fit in such a way see a well engineered machine means least amount of Friction is it it so Yes a well [engineered] machine means what least amount of friction heavy Friction means badly engineered isn’t it? Isn’t [that] the understanding? So the fundamentals of yoga is this the fundamentals of yoga is in the geometry of physical existence if you understand the geometry of what this human mechanism is the body is the psychological structure is the chemical processes are the energy structures are if you understand the geometry of this and become capable of Observing the Cosmic geometry if these two things are well aligned suddenly your life hits off like a magic your life is no more a Miserable drag but it’s magical simply because you have Gotten the right Geometry of things Anything that is geometrically perfect? will functions absolutely smoothly [and] for a very long time This is something that you must do [to] [yourself] when you [are] young It doesn’t matter What you want to do in your life one thing must happen your body and your brain should not come in your way They must work for you Yes or no Hello Never your body and your mind should not come in the way of who you want to be Right now for most people they themselves are a big issue When you are an issue how will you address the issues in the world? If you really want to address the issues in the world this one should never be issue isn’t it I am not the issue here I am never the problem if there are problems I will deal with it but I am never the problem this must happen to you Isn’t it please make yourself like this that you are never the problem You are always a part of the solution never a part of the problem right [now] Right now we have developed a certain attitude in the country a whole lot of people for every solution. They invent a problem For every solution they have found a problem So there are people who [are] working for problems there are people who are working for solutions? Young people should stand up and become a solution for future generations to come and your own life to blossom Because the greatest fulfillment in one’s life is That you function in such a way that You could do something which is much larger than yourself This must happen. This is [the] highest fulfillment of activity that you are able to do something. Which is larger than yourself Only then you will see fulfillment in activity Activity is one thing but most important thing is how you are people come to me like right now You are all saying your iit is a problem. So I am inviting to iyc [Isa] Yoga [Center] A Lot of people come to me and say Sadhguru this these are people who passed out? Sadhguru my mother-in-law She’s she’s another you know from somewhere Else’s I Just don’t know how to live with this person and my husband after all her son My wife impossible my boss is not even human like this it goes on then I tell them see don’t worry Your husband wife mother-in-law boss. Nobody will come here [you] protected like iit UI wifey also [well-protected] Nobody will come here. You just come and stay I will give you a nice place to say food is good You don’t have to do anything. Just be joyful. That’s one none of these tormentors. Are they just be joyful 24 hours you leave them in the one room you must see in. How many ways they twist themselves out? When you are alone if you are miserable you’re obviously in bad company isn’t it? So all the young people should do this to yourself At least with three days one week I will provide you that must be otherwise you can walk into the himalayas But there there is no food and supply. You know you will have to go searching I will provide you food everything just come spend some time not with any purpose simply if you sit alone for three days No television. No book no texting Simply by yourself Let’s see what happens You must know the [nature] of who you are you should not go on dodging yourself and one day you will explode into something You must know What is the level of Madness you’re suffering? When I say madness if your mind is out of your control is that called Madness in difference in definition? Hello if your mind does not take instructions from you. It’s out of control is that called Madness just? Try Just today after this even just go sit quietly in your room Just see what all your mind does You you decide don’t tell anybody you? Decide what is the level of madness you’re going through with this if you enter the world what will you create? You will only create who you are isn’t it? You cannot do anything other than what you are what you are is what will happen to the world around you? Before you step out into the world is it not important at least you’re this much equipped that You are not the problem if you meet a problem and get married we’ll see but You are not the problem Can you make this happen for yourself as young people that you are never the problem? You are not the issue in your life other issues If they come we will deal with it to the best of our ability but this should not be issue isn’t it? this can be easily done very simple processes if you invest on 20 30 minutes a day you can bring this possibility into your life. It is just that it needs certain orientation Because life is continuously outward to turn inward It needs a certain help and situation has to be created to make that happen We are very much willing to do that with you. It’s my vision my blessing this must happen to every youth of this country because India the people of India has suffered immensely I don’t know to what extent all of you were exposed many of you from good families. I Have walked through Rural societies right from I you know early youth It’s not good believe me It’s just not good. It’s not some a dalek situation of that it is bad It’s very bad In most parts of the world where we are they say they are the better of States The better of States are like that. I know the be morose how they are We can’t just live like this. We can’t just continue to live like this Insulating our humanity and thinking everything is [ok] It’s time we we have a living humanity that our heart beats for everything our heart bleeds for everything and We will do the best. We can do in our lives if we do not do what we cannot do there is no problem But if we do not do what we can do We are a disastrous life isn’t that is my vision my blessing you should not be that disaster you

Make Yourself a Solution Not a Problem – IIT Delhi Students with Sadhguru 2017 – Notes

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