Mantras – The Science of Using Sound _ Sadhguru Video

Mantras – The Science of Using Sound _ Sadhguru Video October 17, 2017

Below is the video from the Sadhguru channel, titled Mantras – The Science of Using Sound _ Sadhguru. Enjoy! For more Sadhguru videos check out the Sadhguru video tag.

Mantras – The Science of Using Sound _ Sadhguru – Video

Mantras – The Science of Using Sound _ Sadhguru – Transcript

I noticed the the chant you chanted in the beginning of the of this event was different from the others. Can you explain it to us if there’s any meaning to it or what changes there are? See we must understand that there is something called as a Mantra okay? Mantra means we say it’s a pure sound. Why is one sound pure and another is not? It’s not like that. That is Mantra is significant for the sound of it not for the meaning of it. Meaning exists only in your psychological space. There is no meaning anywhere in the universe except in the human mind. But there is sound. Because sound is a reverberation and today modern science is talking about how there is no matter everything is reverberation. There’s just energy reverberating. So sound is an existential reality. Meaning is a psychological thing. Most of the I mean he is the expert and I’ve not read those things I have not studied anything but essentially the essence of what is offered in the Eastern structure of learning is largely the impact of sound. How? Because creation is seen as a complex amalgamation of sounds and certain sounds are key sounds. And when I say a key suppose you’re locked in this room and I give you a key. A key to freedom. But you saw this. You have no concept of key in your mind. You put it in your ears and turn it you did this you try to stick it in the wall this that. It doesn’t work. Only if you put it into the particular hole and turn it in a particular way it opens up a world for you. So a Mantra is significant for its sound meaning is a psychological and social thing. Meaning is meaningless. Really but sound exists. So the science of using the sound to create certain atmosphere within yourself and around you is what it is about. Meaning is just made up by us.

Mantras – The Science of Using Sound _ Sadhguru – Notes

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