Mind – A Yogic Perspective – Sadhguru Video

Mind – A Yogic Perspective – Sadhguru Video October 21, 2017

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Mind – A Yogic Perspective – Sadhguru at MIT – Video

Mind – A Yogic Perspective – Sadhguru at MIT – Transcript

in modern medicine in Modern science there’s a tendency to identify consciousness mind and Brain Make mind a function of the brain Consciousness a function of the mind and to treat them chemically and to alter them chemically and that well-being is good chemistry of the brain higher consciousness is good chemistry of the brain and Unhappiness is bad chemistry of the brain nobody is responsible but we need to change the chemistry to make it better now In the yogic thought brain mind and consciousness are three different things but they’re related at a certain level so my questions is sadhguru Ji is the nature of Brain mind and Consciousness how we can use the brain and mind in the proper way without getting stuck in them and the model of healing? That is based on more consciousness than brain chemistry In the yogic sciences that is no such thing as brain brain is just body Like that is a heart like the liver that is a brain. It’s just body I Think this overly exaggerated sense of what is brain Is coming because as I mentioned it a morning out here? Our education systems have become purely intellectual We think intellect is everything that? Mean I mean I will try to say it in a very brief way When you say something very complex in a brief way There will be holes in it please pick the holes if you find them otherwise okay? In the yogic system. We are looking at the human mind at sixteen parts The sixteen parts are in four categories the first one is buddhi. Buddhi means the intellect Intellect I am asking you do you want your intellect Sharp or blunt? You all of you must choose. I’m going to bless you You want it sharp so intellect is essentially like a knife You use a knife to cut things open This is the nature of the intellect whatever you give it it will dissect then time modern science is coming out of human intellect so Everything is by dissection if you give this flower to the scientist They will rip it open and see If you rip it open and see yes of course there are many facts You will know about the flower only thing is you won’t have the flower after that? and Now if you really want to know something let’s say you really want to get to know your mother please don’t dissector that’s not the way it works because the what you can know by dissection Is Material aspect of life? You cannot know life by dissection only the material and the physical can be dissected But now we are using our intellect to understand the entire gamut of things Now we try to dissect we go on talking about unifying the world and Unity and enlightenment everything with intellect this is like using a knife to stitch something If you stitch something with a knife you leave it in tatters So you are seeing this the more knowledge you gather about something the more? Misunderstanding and further away from truth. We are becoming not because information is bad because we are trying to stitch with a knife So intellect is like a knife it must be sharp it is a survival instrument if you did not have a Discriminatory intellect you would not be surviving on this planet very very vital But survival is all that it can do but intellect cannot function Unless there is a certain volume of memory if you wipe out all your memory It doesn’t matter how whatever you Iq is right now if you take off all your memory you will suddenly look stupid you May be still intelligent But you look stupid this how this happens in India people are putting rural children and urban children together and testing them just because of the volume of information that the urban child has he looks smart a Rural child looks stupid but you can put them in real situations You will see they will come out so smart because their intelligence is fully on so Intellect looks smart only when you back it up with lot of information and hence you see information technology And everybody is mad about information. They are not looking into their phones simply for waste of time Because only with all that bits and pieces of data They look smart among their friends in the society in which they live it’s only with Data they can look smart without data They can’t do one thing smart. I will just tell you an example We have two different types of schools one is a modern kind of school where 30% of the children coming from the United States in India and Another is a completely traditional school where we teach them only yoga classical dance classical music color if I to the mother of all martial arts Sanskrit language and English language They don’t go through any academics as such This is a Few years ago little little ones. They all run to the place to hand wash Hand washes at this height many of the six seven year olds can’t reach So all this those who are going through modern education. They will go and stand there in a very civilized way wait for a teacher or somebody to come and put a bench they will climb on the bench and then wash These other kids ran there the older ones went down the end. Oh and climb on top of them wash and run away so too much orientation towards intellect and other dimensions of Intelligence are completely uncultivated today so the next dimension of the mind is reffered to as ahankara Which we have completely ignored ahankara does not mean ego as most people are beginning to think it means Identity what are you identified with? Because intellect is essentially an instrument to protect the identity that you have taken off if I say I’m Indian suddenly. It is my intellect makes me think that way makes me willing to live and die for it you will see just a piece of cloth if you show I mean a flag People will have tears in their eyes Just the identity if you had put them somewhere else and shown another flag the same thing would happen in India Pakistan It’s very very striking because it was one nation and suddenly somebody draw a line and the entire emotion the way it works is Amazing simply because you got identified with this or that so intellect is an instrument which protects the identity identity is that Instrument which allows the intellect to function in a certain way when I say a certain way Suppose you’re identified just with this “me” as a person Your intellect will do only this to protecting you all the time All the time just doing this now I say my identity is my family Now your intellect will do everything to protect that or you say a community or race or a religion or a nation? in the name of Race Religion nation how many things we have done which are utterly idiotic and inhuman but we do it with great pride because we are identified because this is the nature if we have to continue this analogy if Intellect is the knife The hand that holds it is identity You tell me in handling a knife Knife is important that it must be sharp But whether it becomes destructive or productive is determined by the hand that holds it isn’t it? But in today’s society in today’s world. There is no cultivation of the hand at all The smaller and smaller identities that we are creating will inevitably cause Disturbance within the human being and in the world there is no other way right from ancient times in Eastern cultures Always we have been taught to I have a cosmic identity. I am brahmasmi At the age of 12 you must know I am burma’s me. This means. I am the cosmos without identifying with a limitless Identity no education should be given only after identity is fixed then education Because without the right kind of identity education becomes destructive Because you have a limited identity we can say whatever we want But essentially all crime all a will almost terrible things that we do is just a question of limited identity isn’t it? this is This is my way that is your way this is my country this your country this my religion is your religion this all it is So without cultivating the identity we are sharpening the knife we have an unsteady hand But we are sharpening the knife and arming it with memory. So the next dimension of the mind is called Manus Which is a silo of memory? here there are eight dimensions of memory this starts from Elemental Memory atomic Memory evolutionary Memory Karmic Memory and Conscious memory unconscious memory Articulate memory inarticulate memory like this there are many states of memory as we already looked at this This body carries the memory of everything that’s happened on this planet if you pay enough attention We can know simply by looking at this how evolution has happened only 150 years ago Charles Darwin talked about evolution by studying life on the planet But over 15000 years ago adI yogi spoke about how life evolved he said first almost every Indian person is Knows it but not conscious of it is the 10 avatars You must be studying much of it The first one is fish or water life next one is amphibious Next one is a mammal next one is half-man half-animal next one is a dwarf man Next one is a full grown man But volatile next one is a peaceful man next one is a loving man Next one is a meditative man next one is supposed to be the mystical man This is not one man. Story. This is the evolution of life on this planet so fifteen thousand years ago Somebody spoke about this by not looking into the microscope But looking inward because the entire evolutionary story is written here so the yogic system is focused on this as to how to Activate different dimensions of memory because without that with limited amount of memory you are bound to act in immature ways so if your intellect become super capable Then it’s very very important your identity is cosmic Limitless Identity and Your memory is evolved that all dimensions of Memory are active These three function in a certain way some people have evolved it in certain ways But largely it is happening in a very skewed way too much of intellect and other things are very minimalistic The fourth Dimension of intelligence is referred to as chitta This is a dimension of intelligence which is unsullied by memory See we must understand this we are who we are only because of the memory that we carry from the color of our skin To what we identify with what we are whether we are male or female or everything everything is a question of memory It is the memory stored in this which is deciding all these aspects whether I? am a human being or some other creature is also question of Memory is a tremendous possibility but memory is also a limitation and a boundary What is you and what is me is right now The boundary of this is just memory what I remember in my system And what you remember in your system is The Boundary so memory is also a boundary memory is the basis of all forms that have happened There is a certain memory which creates patterns which patterns in turn create physical forms the way We are the kind of form that we have taken is essentially out of the basic memory that is there never it got Confused in the sense suppose you and a cow every day start eating mangoes never it happens that one day by accident or by Lapse of memory the cow became human or you became a cow Both of you is the same food every day But it will not happen because the memory is so strongly instinct at various levels We are recognizing eight different dimensions of memory But chitta has no memory no memory means no boundary and intelligence Beyond bounds in the yogic culture There is a mischievous way of expressing this we say if you touch your Chitta God will become your slave Because your intelligence becomes boundless everything becomes within access So it is very important because this is the first time we must understand this this is the first time where our survival process is as Organized as it is today This is the first time that human beings have so much time to look at things otherwise Just putting the food together would take 24 hours Once again in affluent societies. We are going back to the same thing as you said in Montana Somebody has to work three jobs when so much land is there why do you need to do a job? To make your food no because you want to buy it in a Walmart I’m saying we just kind of twisted the entire thing For the first time our survival for example today you you go into your superstore What you need for next one year you can buy bring it home and not step out of your house for the next one year It’s possible never before it was possible to do morning’s water if you have to get means you have to walk down to the river or the pond or something for the first time our Survival process is so enormous LI organized. This is the time for humanity This is the time for humanity to explore deeper dimensions of life you

Mind – A Yogic Perspective – Sadhguru at MIT – Notes

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