J Krishnamurti – What is love Video

J Krishnamurti – What is love Video June 13, 2018

Below is the video from the Jiddu Krishnamurti channel, titled J Krishnamurti – What is love. Enjoy! For more of J Krishnamurti’s videos check out the Krishnamurti video tag.

J Krishnamurti – What is love – Video

J Krishnamurti – What is love – Transcript

K: To ask questions is not to find an answerbut to discover.Q: During the past four decadesthe talks and writings of Krishnamurtihave stimulated and profoundly challengedaudiences in Asia Europe and America.During a series of public talksgiven in the Ojai Valley in CaliforniaKrishnamurti for the first timepermitted the presence of film cameras.This series of 8 programs is the result.As always Krishnamurti addresses himself to questionswhich most directly affect our lives.The subject of thisthe 5th program in the series is:’What is love?’K: …the mind becomes naturally expectant awaitingand therefore not cleardecisive and capable of discovery.And when one asks questionsone has also to find out why one asks it.I feel one should ask questions about everythingbut it matters very muchwhy one is asking those questionswhat is the backgroundwhat is the state of the mindthat is asking those questions?Is it awaiting an answeror expecting to be told?If it is waiting for an answerwho is going to answer it?And a mind that is waiting to find the answeris not an active mind it’s just waiting expecting.I think thenwhen we do put a question it becomes very important.Then such questions those such questions havea catalystic effect.Then such questions do produce an answer in themselves.Solet’s proceed to find out the questions we’re asking.We know what aggression iswe know what violence isjealousy and all the rest of it- which is again a form of energyan expression of energy.And we must also find out mustn’t we what love is.Now how does one find out?Not if the energies are similar but what love is.Is love pleasure desire?Are you waiting for me to answer it?So how does one find out?Or is lovean energy in a different field altogetherof a different quality a different dimension?And how does one find out what love is?Not intellectually not argumentativelynot splitting it up saying it is divinephysical and you know all the rest of it.How does one find out the nature of that thing?Will the conscious mind find it out?The conscious mind being the educated sophisticatedthe mind that has so many experiences memoriesstored up resentments hatreds.Q: Love is a surplus whenyour own problems have been solved.K: Love is a surplus whenone’s own problems are solved.We are trying to find that out sir.Please don’t let us speculate what love is.That becomes childish.How does the mind come upon that thingwithout conscious effort?If I make a conscious effort to find it outthen my conscious effort must have a recognition of what it is.You understand?I must have already known itI must have already smelled it tasted itknown the quality of itand if I know it it’s merely a memory.And is memorywhich is of timeand has that memory and timeanything to do with love?So how does one find it out come upon it?You understand?Am I making myself clear the question?It’s likeinquiring into if there is such thing as ‘God’.I put it in quotes – that word ‘God’ is so heavily loadedthat it has almost lost all its meaning.If one wants to discover it if there is or if there is nothow does one proceed?Obviously to find outall types of belief must come to an end.And therefore which meansall forms of fear must come to an end.Surely. No?Belief is a form of hopeand I hope because I am in despairand I invent a belief a securitya state of mind which saysthere is something which is permanentand I believe in that.And that belief obviouslynot only conditions all examinationall perceptionbut it prevents the totalinaction.You understand?I’d better go into it.I must not only be freeof every form of belief and therefore fearand also my mind must be so sharp so sensitive…the sensitivity brought about by right eating and…behaviour and physical condition and all that.And then only there is a possibilityof discovering something.So it seems to me in the same wayto find out or come uponthis thing called love which is so heavily loadedone must inquireinto this question of pleasure and desire.You know we’re not trying to suppress desire.The monks throughout the world have tried that.And those so-called religious peoplehave attempted to control desirebecause some authority religious authority has said’Be free of desire’because desire leads to bondage.Soso-called spiritual people whatever that word may meanthose people have tried either to suppress eliminateor sublimate itby identifying themselves with a greater desire.But they are still within the patternwithin the area of desire.And what’s wrong with desire?I see something nice pleasant striking.By the very looking at itthere is a sensation there is desire out of that.Isn’t that so? Please this is not a talkwe must…And thought comes and gives that desirea continuity and vitalityand from that there is this…seeking of pleasure.I think this is fairly simple isn’t itthe verbal explanation.But the explanation is not the fact is not what you discover.If you discovered itit’ll become tremendously vital.If I discover how thought strengthens desireby thinking about something which has pleased me- sensually or intellectually or a sunset or anything -by thinking about itit has strengthened the nature of desireand has given it a continuityand that continuity becomes pleasure.All of our attitudes and values and demandsare based on this search for comfort and pleasure.And is it possible for thought not to interfere?I see something very beautifuland there is an immediate sensationand a desire to touch it hold itto own it to possess it.Then thought comes in.Is it possible to look at something extraordinarily beautiful:man woman child treea house a picture whatever it isand merely observe without the interference of thought?And when thought interferesthere is a totally different kind of actionas when thought doesn’t interfere with desire.You understand?Right?You understand?When thought interferes with the desirewhich becomes pleasurethen activity has a different meaning altogether action.And when thought doesn’t interfere with the desirethere is againa totally different action which is not time-binding.So all this is we are inquiring into the natureor come upon that thing which we call love.And we are asking if that love issomething not of the same energy as hate.We must bear that in mind otherwise we will wander awayfrom the central question.And to answer that question reallyone has to hasn’t oneto free the mind from desire and pleasure to find out.The gentleman asked ‘how’.Is there a how?Is there a method- listen to the question – is there a methodto free the mind from pleasure?And the following of a method in order to achieve the resultis again based on pleasure.No?So there is no how there is only a state of listening.And when one listens so totally this question is answered.You see first of all sirhow do you look at anything totally?You say it’s not possibleand when you say it is not possibleyou have already blocked yourself from finding out.So to find outyou have to look at your own mindlooking at your friend or somebodyor at a tree how you look at itwhy do we create an image of another and hold it?And is it not possible at the moment of experienceto live it so completely or let it go through youso that no image remains no mark remains?Please these are all questions that really have to be answerednot by wordsbut by actual direct perception and discovery.And…to find out anything newrequires tremendous inquiry meditation.You don’t just get it by justcoming to a meeting for an hourand thinking – one has to work tremendously hard.You do work very hard to earn a livelihoodto go to the office every day.But this requires much more alertnessmuch more careful examination.And one is not…one does not have the energy the patience or the interestbecause this is non-profitable it doesn’t bring you any profitfinancial or any other way.Q: Is the action of love a permanent escape of suffering?K: Do we know what suffering is?Do you really know what suffering is?Only we know it when we remain with it. Right?We don’t remain with anything.Oh lord! Do we?Q: We only think about it. K: We think about it.Let us take the question of suffering.First of all is it possible to end it?Totally without becoming hard brutalbrittle and all the rest of it?And…to go to the very end of it and find out.Can we do that one thing this afternoon?Shall we?I suffer. Why do I suffer?And what is the nature of suffering?I suffer because I have lost my son my mother sisteror somebody doesn’t love meor I cannot fulfil or I’m thwartedI haven’t got a good brainand somebody else has a good brain.And I know what it means to suffer.In suffering there is a great deal of self-pity.And suffering I want to escape from itbecause I don’t know how to resolve it.And so I have a network of escapes.Now can I stop from escaping?And it’s very difficult because escapingis so subtle.I can escape by turning on the radioa magazine talking to somebodyand so on but the thing remainsand I don’t want to get in touch with it- it’s too painful too agonising I push it away.So can I stop from escaping altogether and just look at itlive with it know it?Not suppress it not control it not sublimate itnot do all that kind of idiotic stuffbut get to know it live with it go into it.Q: You say be quiet. You do give an answer.And yet why just be quiet why not speak why not seewhy not hear why not do why not think?K: Sir we went into that.We have thought a great deal about suffering.Volumes have been written by religious peopleand all the rest of it and yet we suffer.Suffering apparently is a daily affair.And a man asks: ‘Is it possible to end it?’And when he says ‘Please tell me how to end it’then is that thinking is that examiningor you’re merely wanting a resultwhich would be greatly pleasurable?When the suffering endsobviously you think it will be tremendousthere’ll be great pleasure.So one follows the method in order to have that pleasure.But there is no understanding of suffering.And so when there’s no understanding of sufferingit comes in another form.So what we are trying to do is to find out for oneselfwhether it is possible to endthis thing that we call sufferingin which is involved self-pity loneliness all that.Q: Is it necessary to suffer in order to understand suffering?K: Is it necessary to suffer in order to understand?I think Christianity has made suffering into something holy.By suffering we say we are going tooh you know reach heaven.I think a mind that suffers is the most stupid mind.It doesn’t end it.So please sir we come back.What is it we are asking about?What is it we’re all wanting to find out?What is the mind when it is not quiet? All right.Most of our minds are not quiet are they?Ceaselessly agitated active thinking about somethingor soliloquising talking to itself imaginingit is endlessly restless isn’t it?And…how do we know any quiet when a mind is so restless?And it may be the nature of the mind never to be quiet.And why are we so restlessespecially the modern world?My tendency my demand for a particular satisfactionhas not been satisfiedand I’m always seeking somethingwhich will give me immense satisfactionand I know there isn’t any.So the restless mind may be the result of a neurological stateor restless becausewe haven’t found an answer to anythingan answer in the deep sense of the wordto fundamental issues.Therefore it has nothing to doit’s like a leaf driven all over the place.And…without understanding the nature of one’s own thinkingwhich is self-knowing quietness of the mind is not possible.And to know oneself is the beginning of wisdom.Not in a book not in psychology all that.Wisdom is in knowing oneselfit comes out of the soil of self-knowing.Right sirs.Q: This has been the 5th of 8 programspresenting the talks of Krishnamurti.Subsequent programs in this series are titled:’Questioning”Living and Death’and ‘The End of Conflict’.\s

J Krishnamurti – What is love – Notes

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