J Krishnamurti – Meditation Video

J Krishnamurti – Meditation Video August 7, 2018

Below is the video from the Jiddu Krishnamurti channel, titled J Krishnamurti – Meditation. Enjoy! For more of J Krishnamurti’s videos check out the Krishnamurti video tag.

J Krishnamurti – Meditation – Video

J Krishnamurti – Meditation – Transcript

K: I should thinkone of our greatest problems in lifemust be surelyknowing that our minds deterioratedecline as one grows olderordeteriorate even when one is quite young- being a specialist along a certain lineand being unaware totallyof the whole complex area of life -it must be a great problemto find out whether it is at all possibleto stop this deteriorationso that the mind is always freshyoung clear decisive.And is it at all possible to end this decline?This evening if I mayI would like to go into thatbecause to me meditationisfreeing the mind from the known.Q: The talks and writings of Krishnamurti cannot be limitedto a single category such as philosophy or religion.Unquestionably Krishnamurti is one of the more challengingand creative men of our time for his profound insightsinto the realities of the human condition.This series of 8 programs represents the first timethat Krishnamurti has permitted his talks to be filmed.In this talk the subject of which is meditationKrishnamurti continueshis exploration of the real revolutiona radical change in ourselves.K: The question then arises: is it at all possibleto end this decaying process of this brainas well as of the mind the whole total entity?And also if it’s possible to keep the physique the bodyextraordinarily alive alert energetic and so on.So that seems to me a great issueand therefore a great challenge to find out.Now the inquiry into thisnot only verbally but non-verballythe inquiry the examination into thisis meditation.Because that word itself is so misused.There are so many methods of meditation.If we understand one we shall understand the total systemsand the ways of meditation.But the central issue that we’re goingto talk over together this evening is this:that whether the mindcan ever rejuvenate itselfwhether it can become fresh young unafraid.The fact is that there is deterioration.And if one looks at it and translates that deteriorationor tries to transcend it or go beyond itin terms of personal inclinationtemperament and so onit becomes a very shoddy affair.But if one observes itas you would observe a tree a sunsetlight on the water the outlines of a blue hill just to observe itjust to observe the process of what is actually taking placein each one of usthen we will go together.And if you cannot do this there will be gapsand we’ll not be able to take the road together.Because we are concerned withthe whole total process of livingand this total process of living as one observesis always creating an image -about ourselves about othersimage through experienceimage through conflict – and are we aware that there isan image in each one of us about ourselves?And that image begins to be more and more strongand more and more crystallisedand then there is the end of it all.So is one aware of it?And if one is aware of itwho is the entity that is aware of the image?You understand the issue?Is the image different from the image-maker?Or the image-making and the image are the same.Because unless one understands this factor very clearlywhat we’re going into will not be clear.You understand?I perceive I have an image about myself:I am this and that I am a great manor a little man or my name is known not known- you know all the verbal structure about oneselfand the non-verbal structure about oneselfconscious or hidden.And I realise that image exists.If at all I become aware watchfulI know there is this image it’s being formed all the time.And the observer who is aware of that imagefeels himself different from the image.Isn’t that what’s taking place?Right?I hope we’re making this clear.And the observer then begins to eithersay to himself that this image is the factorthat brings about a deteriorationtherefore I must destroy the imagein order to achieve a greater resultto make the mind young fresh and all the rest of itand he struggles he explains he justifiesor adds strives to alter it to a better image.And this is very important to understand.And effort struggle in different ways either physicallyor psychologically as competitionas ambition aggressionviolence prideaccumulated resentment and so onis one of the factors of deterioration.So when one realises thatthe observer is the image-makerthen our whole process of thinkingundergoes a tremendous change.And so the image is the known.So as long as the brain as long as the whole mind- in which is the brain and the bodythe whole mind -functions within the field of the imagewhich is the knownof which one may be conscious or notin that fieldis the factor of deterioration.Right?Please don’t accept it as an ideawhich you will think about when you go home.You won’t anyhow butI mean here we are doing ittaking the thing together therefore you must do it nownot when you go home and say ‘Well I’ve taken notesand I’ve understood it I’ll think about it.’Don’t take notes because that doesn’t help at all.So the question arises: is it possibleto empty the mind of the known?You understand?Am I making myself clear?One must have asked this question vaguelyor with a purpose becauseone suffers one has anxietieswhether it’s possible to go beyondor one has vague hints of it.Now we are asking it we are asking itas a question which must be answeredas a challenge which must be responded to.And this challenge is not an outward challengebut a psychological inward challenge.Andwe’re going to find out whether it is possibleto empty the mind of the known.This emptying of the mind is meditation.And one must go into this question of meditation.I mean explain it a little bit.All the Asiatic people are conditioned by this word.So-called religious serious peopleare conditioned by this wordbecause through meditation they hope to findsomething which is not……something beyond mere daily existence.And to find it they have various systemsvery very subtle or very crude like the Zen.And alsoin that so-called meditative system is concentrationfixing the mind on one ideaor one thought or one symbol and so on.And also there are various forms of stimulationforcing oneselfstimulating oneself and that is to expandconsciousness more and morethrough will through effort through concentrationthrough determination to force force force.And by extending this consciousnessone hopes to arrive at a different stateor a different dimension or reach a pointwhich the conscious mind cannot.Or one takes many many drugsincluding the latest LSD and so on so on.That gives for the momenttremendous stimulation to the whole system.And in that stateone experiences extraordinary things.Extraordinary things through stimulationthrough concentrationthrough discipline through starvation fasting.If one fasts for some days one has peculiar…obviously peculiar things happening.And one takes drugsand for the moment it gives you…makes the body extraordinarily sensitiveyou see colourswhich are most extraordinarywhich you’ve never seen before.You see everything so clearly there is no spacebetween you and that thing which you see.And this goes onin various forms throughout the world.The repetition of wordslike in the Catholic or in those prayerswhich all make the mind a little calm quiet- obviously which is a trick.If you keep on repeating repeating you get so dullobviously you go to sleep and you thinkthat’s a very quiet mind.But that’s not meditation.So one can brush all that aside.Even though one is committed to itwe can throw all that out of the window.And as you are listening I hope you’ll throw it outbecause we are going into somethingmuch deeper than this invention.One can put all that asidebecause the more one practises a disciplinethe more the mind becomes dull mechanised.And that mechanising routine processmakes the mind somewhat quietbut it is not the quietness oftremendous energy understanding.Then we can proceed to inquirewhether it is at all possibleto free the mind from the known.Not only the known ofa thousand years but also of yesterdaythe memory which is memory.Which doesn’t mean that I forget the roadthe way to the house that we live in or technology.That obviously one must have.That’s essential otherwise we can’t live.But we are talking of things at a deeper levelthe deeper level where the image is always active.The image which is the known is functioning all the time.And whether that image and the maker of the imagewhich is the observerwhether it is possible to empty the mind of that.And emptying of that of the known is meditation.I can only understand youwhen I have no image about you.But if you are a friend a relation and so onhusband wife and all the rest of it I have an image.And the image I haveand you have about me and I have about youthose images have relationship.And all our relationship is based on that.One sees very clearlythat only when the image doesn’t interfere- image as knowledge thought emotion all the rest of it -interfere then I can lookI can hear I can understand.It has happened to all of uswhen suddenly – you discuss arguepoint out and so on -suddenly your mind becomes quiet and you say’By Jove I’ve understood.’That understanding is an action not an idea.Right?So there isunderstanding action only actionin a different sense than the action that we knowwhich is the action of the image of the known.We are talking of an understandingwhich is an actionwhen the mind is completely quietin which understanding as action takes place.Right?So there is understanding and action onlywhen the mind is completely quiet.And that quiet still mind is not inducedby any disciplineby any effort.Andmeditation then is- which one can do when you aresitting in a bus walking the streetor washing dishes and God knows what else -and meditation has nothing whatsoever to do withbreathing and all that.There is nothing mysterious about it.The mystery of life is beyond all this.Beyond the image beyond effortbeyond the centralised egotisticsubjective self-centred activitythere is a vast field of somethingwhich can never be found through the known.And the emptying of the mindcan only take placenon-verballyonly when there is no observer as the observed.All this demands tremendous attention awarenessan awarenesswhich is not concentration.Just to observe without choosing.Choice takes place only when there is confusionnot when there is clarity.So awarenesstakes place only when there is no choiceor when you are aware of all the conflicting choicesconflicting desires the strains- just to observe all this movement of contradiction -and knowing that the observer is the observed.And therefore in that process there is no choice at allbut only watching ‘what is.’And that’s entirely different from concentration.And that awareness brings a quality of attentionin which there is neither the observer nor the observed.And this emptying of the mindwith all the experiences it has had is meditation.And that can be emptied only all the experienceswhen each experience…one becomes aware of it sees the whole content of itwithout choice and therefore it goes it passes by.Therefore there is no mark of that experienceas a wound as something to rememberto recognise and keep.So meditation is a very strenuous processit’s not just a thing to dofor old ladies or men who have nothing to do.This demands tremendous attention right through.Then you’ll find for yourself- no there is no question of experiencethere is no finding.Then when the mind is completely quietwithout any form of suggestion as hypnotismor following a methodwhen the mind is completely quiet thenthere is a quality and a different dimensionof which thought can never possiblyimagine or experience.Then it’s beyond all search.There is then no seeking.A mind that is full of light does not seek.It’s only the dull confused mindthat’s always seeking and hoping to find.What it finds is the result of its own confusion.Look please if you understand one questionyou have understood all the questions.And so what is important in all this- in asking questions and the answersor the explanations -isthat the explanation has no value at all.What has value ishow you ask the questionand what you’re expecting out of that question.If you are attentive of what you are askingyou will see that question is answeredwithout any difficulty.Therefore there is no teacheryou are everything yourselfboth the teacher the pupil you know everything.That gives you tremendous freedom to inquire.Q: This has been the 4th of 8 programspresenting the talks of Krishnamurti.Subsequent programs in this series are titled:’What Is Love?”Questioning”Living and Death’and ‘The End of Conflict.’\s

J Krishnamurti – Meditation – Notes

Please note that this video titled J Krishnamurti – Meditation is from J Krishnamurti’s Youtube channel. More information about J Krishnamurti is available on his website at www.jkrishnamurti.org. The transcriptions on this page are automated transcriptions. In case you find any errors please leave a comment below. If you would like to watch this video on the Youtube channel of Jiddu Krishnamurti then please search for J Krishnamurti – Meditation on Youtube

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