It’s Time to Speak Out as a Gay-Affirming Christian

It’s Time to Speak Out as a Gay-Affirming Christian June 12, 2016
It’s Time to Speak Out as a Gay-Affirming Christian

For several years now, I’ve been straddling the fence in response to you, my LGBTQ sisters and brothers.

I’ve tried my best to love you. To treat you with dignity and respect. To support you in opposition to those who would seek your harm.

But I’ve not yet gotten around to actually affirming you.

I have dozens of excuses, but it mostly boils down to fear. For some reason, I’m still afraid about what some of my friends and followers will think when I cross that line.

I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.

But perfect love casts out fear. If I am to be perfected in love, I can no longer withhold my affirmation out of fear.

Not when atrocities like the Orlando shooting are being committed.

Not when the fears you face are so much greater than mine.

Not when you’ve been brave enough to come out.

Not when I have children who may one day come out. Children who will need more than anything the unequivocal affirmation of their parents.

Not when everything I know about the God revealed in Christ Jesus tells me that he affirms you.

So let me be crystal clear.

To all of my LGBTQ friends, I affirm you.

I affirm you wholly and without reservation.

I affirm that your relations with your partners, so long as they are carried out in love, are not only acceptable, but beautiful—every bit as beautiful as the relations I enjoy with my wife.

I love you, and I affirm you.

[There are times for theological discussion and debate. This is not one of them. I will be deleting any comments on this post that are not affirming.]

Update: I’m starting a series to explain in greater detail why I am a gay-affirming Christian.

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