Breaking: Good Satire Discovered at the Babylon Bee

Breaking: Good Satire Discovered at the Babylon Bee July 12, 2017

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Visitors to The Babylon Bee were shocked to discover something entirely new to the website: an article containing legitimately good satire.

Known as “the Christian version of The Onion,” The Babylon Bee has made a reputation for itself as a Christian-satire site that just doesn’t get satire. But if this recent article is any indication, that may be about to change.

“I couldn’t believe it!” exclaimed one dumbfounded visitor to the site. “I was all geared up for yet another cheap potshot at liberals, but this article really had some substance to it.”

“It actually made me stop and think through the issue from a different angle than I had before,” said another. “I was able to gain more perspective as a result.”

One convicted commenter on their Facebook page wrote, “Now I understand why my actions have been so harmful. Thank you for opening my eyes.”

But many readers have been less enthusiastic.

“What good is satire that doesn’t tear down my opponents?” asked one. “The whole reason I come here is to make myself feel better by comparison.”

“I’m just so disappointed in The Bee,” said another. “There were no personal attacks on well-known individuals. There was no shaming of those who hold a different viewpoint. Instead, I was presented with an opportunity for true introspection. I feel like they really let me down.”

“For goodness’ sake!” reads one exasperated tweet. “Where are all the anti-gay remarks I’ve come to expect??!!!”

The confusingly well-done article has generated some speculation about its origin.

“Their site must have been hacked,” suggested one user.

“It’s a conspiracy,” another asserted. “Those dang progressives are taking over everything with all their politically correct peace-and-love crap.”

Yet another reader had a particularly interesting theory: “Maybe it’s some kind of satire on their satire?”

At publishing, The Babylon Bee has not been available for comment.

Update: @TheBabylonBee just tweeted a response to the negative feedback: “We apologize for dropping the ball with our recent article. We’re tightening up our satirical standards to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

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