Numbers 24: Give God the Credit

Numbers 24: Give God the Credit July 16, 2012

“God brought them out of Egypt…” -Numbers 24:8

Ever notice how the films about Moses show him as the hero who liberates Israel from slavery? His staff parts the sea, he speaks directly with God Almighty. But this is not how Scripture narrates the story at all. Numbers 24:8 teaches, “God brought them out of Egypt.”

The Israelites nor Moses were not strong enough to free themselves from slavery and begin a new nation. Only God was. And is. When he moves, nations move. When he sets someone free, they are free indeed. It is when we take the credit and play the hero that we forget who the true Hero is; not us, but God.

Today, you will be tempted to take credit for some accomplish. Don’t fall for it. Instead, give glory to God, the one who brought his people out of Egypt and continues to change our lives still today.

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