Joshua 3: Consecrate Yourselves

Joshua 3: Consecrate Yourselves September 20, 2012

“Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” -Joshua 3:5

Joshua was not in charge. His first big test from God was to do something Moses did–part water for Israel to walk through on dry land.

This was not an easy step of faith. Yet Joshua obeyed fully and called others to join him. He declared his people should consecrate themselves in preparation for the event they had awaited for forty years.

I wonder how many of us would follow through as faithfully? More realistically, I wonder how often I don’t follow through faithfully when God calls me to a difficult task to stretch my faith. It’s easier to follow the status quo, to lay low, and to play it safe. But sometimes faith involves taking a risk.

What if the Jordan River would not separate like God promised? What if the water poured back before they had all crossed? I tend to worry whether God will follow through on his promises, using my doubts as an excuse to avoid obedience.

But today’s challenge is not to figure out how God works; its to follow God’s ways. He is always faithful. He’s just waiting to see if we will be faithful, too.

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