1 Kings 21: Influence for Good

1 Kings 21: Influence for Good April 17, 2013

But the people did not listen. Manasseh led them astray, so that they did more evil than the nations the Lord had destroyed before the Israelites. -2 Kings 21:9

Leaders influence others for good or for evil. In King Manasseh’s case, we are told he led his people astray. He influenced those he led to do evil to such a degree that God sent prophets to declare judgment upon the land.

Leaders also influence for good. King David, despite his flaws, led the people of Israel toward unity and worship of the Lord. Under his rule, influence was mostly positive, helping others and encouraging a life that honored the Lord.

Today, few know the name of Manasseh. Those who do realize his legacy in Scripture is one of condemnation. But what about David? Despite many sins, he worshiped God and was known as one whose heart followed God.

Will you live the example of Manasseh today or of David?

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