1 Chronicles 26: The Importance of Family History

1 Chronicles 26: The Importance of Family History May 29, 2013

As for the Hebronites, Jeriah was their chief according to the genealogical records of their families. In the fortieth year of David’s reign a search was made in the records, and capable men among the Hebronites were found at Jazer in Gilead.” -1 Chronicles 26:31

Family history was a big deal to the Israelites. Decision made based on genealogy included roles of service among Levites, the priesthood, musicians, gatekeepers, and much more. Yet Western culture often de-emphasizes the role of the family’s past, instead focusing on the individual. There may be many reasons for this difference, but Scripture provides an example in this area from which we can learn much.

For example, in my early 30s I first seriously took some time to discover my family history. The list included a background of British immigrants who fled to America for religious freedom as well as Native American ancestry previously unknown to me. These findings helped to strengthen my faith in God as well as expand my heart and attitude for the many peoples of our land and others who societies have been marginalized or forgotten in our culture.

What is your family history? If you don’t know much about your family’s past, there are more tools available today than ever before. Take some time to figure out where you came from. When you do, you’ll likely find new light for where God will have you walk in the days ahead.

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