2 Chronicles 14: The Lord Gives Rest

2 Chronicles 14: The Lord Gives Rest June 21, 2013

“No one was at war with him during those years, for the Lord gave him rest.” -2 Chronicles 14:6

Tired? Most of us are. We sleep too little, move too quickly, and find ourselves exhausted more than we feel refreshed. Why?

There are many reasons for our modern day exhaustion. One major factor is our faulty belief that being busy is a good thing. Scripture speaks otherwise. In fact, Asa’s time as king was a blessed one. A major mark of this positive reign was that no one was at war with him because the Lord gave him rest.

Rest is not a bad thing. In fact, rest is a blessing from God. We are called to work hard, but not to only work hard. The strange part about rest is that it often does not come naturally. We must schedule it, pursue it, prioritize it. When we do, we experience the joy of resting in the Lord.

Today, remember: The Lord gives rest.

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