2 Chronicles 18: The Counsel of the Lord

2 Chronicles 18: The Counsel of the Lord June 27, 2013

But Jehoshaphat also said to the king of Israel, “First seek the counsel of the Lord.” -2 Chronicles 18:4

In a time when two kings were choosing whether to go into war together against a common enemy, one king paused. Why? He sought to “First seek the counsel of the Lord.” Interestingly, this was not enough.

Two problems occurred. First, there was the problem of which voice to listen to. The prophets agreed to the war, yet Jehoshaphat knew they were simply agreeing with the king’s wishes. Instead, he asked for anothertrueprophet.

The second problem was in obeying the truth. The true prophet of God spoke against war, yet the two kings did not listen. In the end, the lives of many were lost as a result.

When we face a tough decision, we are to seek God’s will, but seeking his will is not enough. We must also turn to the right source and then obey what God’s truth teaches. Only then can we expect the wisdom needed to face life’s battles.

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