My nephew is sick.

My nephew is sick. September 18, 2010

Nathan is the first baby I ever really loved.  He is my sister’s son, and when he was a baby, he stole my heart.  He was funny looking and I called him a lizard baby.  Since then, I’ve gotten busy and he’s gotten all old and tweeny on me. But last week, when he started middle school — after he threw up because my sister forgot to send in some papers and he was therefore not allowed to get his locker, and the teachers were too strict, and giving out too much homework — we had the first great talk we’ve had in years.

He’s a really sweet kid.  Who doesn’t look anything like a lizard anymore.

And tonight they are taking him from his local hospital to the PICU at a children’s hospital in DC because he has a fever they can’t get down.  I just got home from our church (it’s 2 am), where 30+ people prayed for him.  The prayerful saints are sure God is going to heal him – which is why I go to that church.  But I still can’t sleep.

And I don’t care about homeschool tonight.  Or anything else until the I know that all the babies I love are going to be OK.

If you’re up too tonight, I hope you’ll join me in praying for Nathan.

Update 9/18: The sun is up and things look much better.  He has meningitis, but they are pretty sure it’s viral.  And his fever is down.  And they have video games in his room.  So all is well.

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