Best MLK Day Ever

Best MLK Day Ever January 21, 2013

I had ten kids around the table this morning for our American Revolution class. We were talking about the Declaration of Independence and why Dr. King called it a promissory note. (See yesterday’s post to read more.)  I pulled out my computer and queued up his speech from the march on Washington. As I did, one of my students’ grandfathers (who just happened to be visiting our class for the day) said, “I was there.”


“I was at that march. I heard him give that speech live.”

I couldn’t believe it.  How often does that happen?  We had an amazing discussion, and the kids got to ask him all kinds of questions that you can’t find answers to in history books. Questions like:

  • What was the parking like with all of those buses in town?
  • How could you hear him if you were sitting in the back?
  • How did you find your brother there without a cell phone?

He told the kids that all revolutions – like the American Revolution and the civil rights movement – start with powerful ideas that change people’s hearts and give them the motivation to fight for change.  Afterward, he told me that until sitting in our class, he had never realized how many similarities there were between our country’s fights for independence and civil rights.

I’ve been thankful all day that God arranged for us to meet Milt.  And thankful for MLK.  And so very thankful for that promissory note.

The best part was when I heard Milt’s grandson say, “I didn’t know you were there. That’s really awesome!”

Yes it is.

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