Karen’s Story: Coming to Know God, Part 4 [Video]

Karen’s Story: Coming to Know God, Part 4 [Video] April 16, 2013

When there’s a fire, you break glass. You get in and ring that alarm. When you’re desperate for something spiritually, you likewise break glass. You get into the Word, you seek truth. And the Great Physician shows up.

That’s where I was. At this point in my journey (This is part 4 of Karen’s Story, I Believe Podcast), having had a breakthrough, learning for myself that God lived, I wanted to know, really wanted to know, what He and Jesus Christ expected; I wanted to know the truth about their nature, their character, their purposes for me. I wanted to know which of all the Church’s around were true. It was clear to me that not all roads lead to the summit, that not all declarations about who Christ is–given that they substantially differ–are true. Some truths are mutually exclusive!

Karen TrifilettiSo, I went on a spiritual hunt and I based my search on what I learned from the Bible about the Savior’s Church in the meridian of time. I found only one that matched. I hope you’ll join me in sharing my story, and that you’ll also let me know your thoughts and where you are on your own spiritual journey. God bless you.

Please find the full I Believe Podcast transcript of Karen’s Story: Coming to Know God, Part 4 here.

Bible Verse: “And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone” (New Testament: Ephesians 2:20).

Faith Quote: “In the world we find everywhere clear signs of an order which only spring from design–an order realized with the greatest wisdom, and in a universe which is indescribably varied in content and in extent infinite” (Immanuel Kant).

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