What Happens to Those Who Die Without Knowing Christ? [Video]

What Happens to Those Who Die Without Knowing Christ? [Video] August 30, 2013

How anyone could believe a loving God could consign millions to hell without an opportunity to learn of Him and His Son is beyond me.

I can understand why some Baby Boomers, Gen-xers, and Millennials go AWOL when hearing some of the broken doctrines of reformed or emergent churches and trip over messy scaffolding.  While there are pieces of truth among many wonderful people of faith, the creeds professed are not all equally valid.

Work of redemption goes on, a way is provided for all.I invite you to jump on with me in a short, straight-up I Believe Podcast that addresses the Savior’s revealed truth on this issue, and that hopefully clears up some blurry vision.  I’d love to hear from you at karen@ibelievepodcast.com.

Please find the full transcript here.


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