8 Points to Consider: The Authenticity of the Bible {Overview}

8 Points to Consider: The Authenticity of the Bible {Overview} January 6, 2014

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to believing or not believing in the Bible. If Christianity weren’t true, then the truthfulness of the Bible wouldn’t matter at all. But if Christianity is true–and we hope to show you that it is–then it’s vitally important for us to seriously consider the Bible.

In this, the first of 9 podcasts, I talk with DM Johnson, an author, Bible enthusiast, and amateur scholar about 8 reasons that the Bible is a reliable source of truth. We discuss the following points:

  • Extra-Biblical evidence

  • Manuscript evidence

  • Archaeology

  • The historical method

  • The Gospels are based on eyewitnesses

  • Evidence pointing to the Resurrection

  • Undesigned coincidences in the Bible

  • Prophecies about Jesus

We hope you’ll join us for this and future interviews, and invite you to read the Bible for yourself.

You can find the complete transcript and audio file here.

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