“Finding True Self”: A Poem Dedicated to Your Soul

“Finding True Self”: A Poem Dedicated to Your Soul December 10, 2019

Lighthouse guiding the way
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Every year, thousands of people go through one of my self-discovery workshops called Finding True Self. The people are of all ages, from young college students to retirees, and they come from many cultures and backgrounds, and it is given in many different countries around the world.

The training is essentially the same for everyone, and almost everyone is deeply touched by it. Many end up with tears of joy streaming down their faces by the end of it, and virtually everyone feels a renewed commitment to their own spiritual growth.

This training works for people because its objective is something that we all need—the uncovering of our True Self. Also called the “soul” or the “higher self,” the True Self is the eternal, pure part of us that exists beyond personality, physical shape, and social status. While our troubles and trials in life come in different packages, the answer to them is always the True Self. The Finding True Self workshop cuts through those false layers to get to the core of who you really are and who you really want to be.

Many years ago, I wrote a poem as a gift to all people that speaks of uncovering the True Self, and I’d like to share it with you now.

Finding True Self

Everyone has it
To know what it is
Take a journey deep within
And open your eyes wide.
Then you will see everything.

Even without knowing why and how,
Everyone has it in one’s heart.
Someday, you will see it.
Someday, you will see it.

Everyone has it,
Remembering what it is
As if it had been in a deep sleep,
What I have been is not what I have aspired to be,
Nor what I can be.
But now I can see it well,
I can see it through tears in my eyes.

Now I have the ticket to the stage of my life in my hands.
Though I am only halfway there,
I see there is a great possibility and light at the end.

Now more and more people are beginning to awaken as I have,
Yes, it really is a good thing.
Now more and more people are beginning to see what I see,
Yes, it really is a good thing.


5 Insights from the Poem

  1. It is important to know that everyone has a True Self. This is important to know about yourself, so that you can love yourself even when you make mistakes, and it is important to know about others, so that you can easily forgive them and see their real essence, not just their faults.
  2. It may take quite a journey to see it, but you can glimpse your own True Self and learn to live according to its light, if you are willing to step on the path to it. Just keep walking toward it one step at a time.
  3. The vast majority of us come into this world confused about what our True Self is. We may think our reputation, job title, bank balance, possessions, and the like make us who we are, so we chase after those things. There is nothing wrong with any of these things, but they are empty if we forget about our True Self in the process of chasing them. That’s why so many people have so much, yet feel dissatisfied or lonely in their lives. It is this sad feeling that will lead you to start looking for your True Self again.
  4. Reorienting your life to live in alignment with your True Self is truly empowering. You become the director of your life. Now, you can ask honestly, “What do I really want?” If you ask your True Self, not your ego self, you will be guided in a truly satisfactory direction, rather than in a direction that merely satisfies desires and emotions. Through your life, that True Self can be a lighthouse guiding you through the worst storms of life.
  5. The True Self is not just a source of hope for individuals; it is the hope of the world. If enough individuals are awakened, societies can become awakened. If enough societies are awakened, the world can be awakened. The most serious problems we face, such as environmental destruction and political conflicts, can never be solved if we are not willing to move away from an ego-centered mode of existence.

This poem is my gift to you, and I hope that you will consider using it to give your life a sense of centeredness, since your True Self is your best guide and friend along your way. Please read it when you feel tired and weary of the ways of the world. I hope it will remind you of who you really are.

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