Overcoming Brain Blocks to Greater Abundance

Overcoming Brain Blocks to Greater Abundance February 18, 2020

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In spiritual circles, there has long been much talk about the spiritual keys to abundance, often called “the law of attraction,” which suggests that everything on the physical plane is available to us if we are open to receiving it. Basically, it’s just a matter of focusing the mind on what we want while eliminating thinking patterns that contradict our desires. In the philosophy of Sundo from ancient Korea, there is a similar principle, which is stated, “Where mind goes, energy follows.”

Some people end up feeling frustrated with the idea of Law of Attraction, however, because they go on struggling to attract what they want in life, despite continuous study and application of the principle. Many read book after book and attend expensive workshops, but nevertheless their life circumstances remain the same. They struggle to achieve financial goals, or they fail to attract fulfilling relationships and career opportunities. The Sundo version of Law of Attraction—“Where mind goes, energy follows”—tells us a little about the root problem. If you are lacking in abundance in any area of your life, then something in the mind and energy needs to change.

Understanding Universal Energy

You are connected to the same universal energy that gave rise to everything else in the universe. In Sundo, we call this “chunjikiun,” which translates as “heaven-earth energy.” No matter what, you are connected to it or else life would not be possible, but the content of your mind and your habits can block you from accessing it the way you would like. That’s why, if you want to eliminate your blocks to abundance, you must first understand unequivocally that you are not separate from universal energy. You were born out of this energy, and access to this energy is your birthright. In this sense, you are no different than a billionaire, a president, or a movie star. So, you must drop any notion that you are separate from universal energy, and you must allow your inner and outer lives to follow the flow of that energy.

Brain-Brightening Energy Meditation

To an extent, you can observe yourself and change negative patterns of mind and body just through observation and habit creation. However, there may be many subconscious memories and deeply rooted assumptions that are more difficult to change. For example, we may have some hidden childhood memory that caused us to believe we are unworthy of abundance, or we may have been subconsciously affected by the negative beliefs of others, even if we didn’t accept those ideas on the surface. To begin to change these, I recommend practicing this energy visualization:

  1. Relax and prepare your body as you normally would for any meditation practice. I recommend natural, deep breathing and the traditional half-lotus posture. If the half-lotus is not comfortable, a chair is acceptable, so long as you can keep your back straight. Avoid slouching or leaning back on a backrest.
  2. Relax your body completely and place your hands with your palms upward on your thighs or knees. Keep your back straight, creating a straight line from the top of your head to your tailbone. Breathe naturally and allow your body to relax.
  3. Now, imagine that with each breath bright, golden light is entering your body at the top of your head. Visualize the light entering and cleansing your brain of any darkness. As you exhale, dark and limiting thoughts, traumatic memories, and negative beliefs are expelled. With each breath, your brain becomes brighter until it is shining brightly like the sun.
  4. Now, visualize the light and the warmth of its glow permeating your body, too, filling it with the fire of creativity and motivation. Notice how your body feels with this visualization. After a minute or so, bring your mind back to ordinary awareness, but maintain the feeling as much as possible throughout your day.

Abundance Visualization

The above meditation prepares and purifies your mind so that you are ready to recreate your life as you desire. At first, just practice that part, focusing on purification of the mind. If you practice sincerely, you should begin to feel much greater positivity and confidence. That is the feeling of opening yourself up to the abundance of the universe! In the beginning, just focus on purifying the mind in this way, and then add on this abundance visualization:

  1. Prepare your vision for your life carefully first. Ask yourself, “What do I truly want in my life?” Choose carefully whatever is the best first step. For example, you might want to imagine paying off a credit card, acing a job interview, or meeting a new friend.
  2. Now, complete the Brain-Brightening Energy Meditation as above, but add the image of yourself going through the process of completing this goal, whatever it is you have in mind.
  3. Visualize that the bright universal energy continues to permeate your body throughout your day, but now it also moves outward into your environment. See the energy moving and circulating in the world, as you both give and receive energy. You are one with the flow of the energy of life, and abundance comes to you naturally.
  4. After visualizing the completion of your goal, come back into your ordinary awareness, but retain your sense of relaxed confidence and your feeling of connection to energy.

Your Mind Is a Creation Machine

As mentioned earlier, the Sundo expression of the Law of Attraction states, “Where mind goes, energy follows.” Learning to be abundant is about learning to use that principle well. No matter who you are, your mind can move energy in your favor; it is just a matter of realizing and using the power you already have. Of course, if your mind goes in a negative direction, it will follow that, too. So, you must rid your mind, including the subconscious mind, of anything that amounts to “I can’t” or “I am unworthy.” The unseen world of universal energy is like a vast resource that is available to everyone in endless supply, so you might as well start using it to recreate or expand your life right now.

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