Money Is Energy: Unblocking the Flow of Your Abundance

Money Is Energy: Unblocking the Flow of Your Abundance April 15, 2016

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In spiritual circles these days, there is a lot of talk about abundance. Of course, there are a lot of ways the word abundance could be defined, but most often people are seeking financial abundance—a steady stream of income and enough in the bank to feel secure. Money offers us the freedom to do certain things we want to do in the world, and with it we are freed from some of the more mundane worries of day-to-day life. For that reason, gaining wealth and financial security is practically a universal obsession.

But how does all this fit with a spiritual understanding of life? Can we have plenty of money and live a spiritual life, too? For many people, it is an uncomfortable fit because, while money brings freedom, it also is associated with greed, corruption, and inequality among people. For that reason, many spiritual people struggle financially; they can’t unburden themselves from debt, for example, or they can’t attract the money they need to make their dreams a reality.


Reboot Your Money BOS

In my Brain Education training program, I teach people that their brain has an operating system not unlike a computer. This Brain Operating System, or BOS, consists of all the beliefs and preconceptions we have about other people and the world. As we go through life, we process all the information we receive, deciding if it is good, bad, or neutral. Our BOS can help us to make good decisions and to steer clear of trouble, but it can also create prejudices and negative beliefs that hurt others and ourselves.

This tendency is why you must be willing to upgrade your BOS, just as you periodically upgrade your computer’s operating system. In the case of money, this means reevaluating any beliefs that hinder the flow of money in your life. Your brain, like mine, is hugely influential in determining how energy flows in and out of your life. Beliefs like “money is the root of all evil” or “wealthy people are greedy” are like money repellent, slowing or even stopping the flow of money into your life. To reboot your money BOS, you will need to look very carefully and honestly at what beliefs you are holding. Which of them are really true? You can change negative beliefs by replacing them with positive ideas about who you are and your purpose in this world. When you become clear about that, you will finally convince your brain that money is just a neutral tool that you can use to create your highest self.


Money Is an Energy Containment System

In spite of all the importance that people place on the acquisition of money, there is a very important truth to remember: money has no intrinsic value. Money is just paper or digital blips in a computer. However, we have assigned it value and meaning in our minds. Dropping thousands of 100 dollar bills on a city today would cause mayhem, but, if we could travel back in time, those same bills would mean nothing to someone living in the year 1500 BC. People know this, but they chase it like nothing else in this world, all because of its mental meaning. For us, we have collectively agreed that it means power and status. We even speak of it as indicative of a person’s “worth” and as their “credit”

For this reason, money has become the ends, not the means. Money is really just a way of storing people’s energy for the purpose of exchange. Long ago before the invention of money, people might have said, “I will help you harvest your crop if you will help me plant mine.” Now, we instead give our energy in exchange for an income. The amount that our time and energy is worth is decided by agreement between you and whomever is paying you.


Harmonizing Your True Self with Your Money

The world has distorted money because it has assigned false value to it. Wealth cannot increase your true value, and money cannot increase the value of your soul. If you seek to live in harmony with your whole self as an integrated person, the key is to harmonize your soul’s calling with your means of making money. Make it a way to serve humanity, not just to serve yourself. Use money, not as a measure of your worth, but rather as a measure of a kind of growth. In this way, greed and corruption become a mute issue if you always keep its use in alignment with your highest self and with your own spiritual growth.

Most importantly, I recommend relaxing about money. It’s just another form of energy in this energetic universe. If it can be blocked, it can also be unblocked, just like any other form of energy. Fretting and stressing about it will only exaggerate and solidify those blockages, just like when you hold tension in your body. Do what you need to do to make ends meet in this human world, but also have faith that a higher version of yourself, including perhaps a wealthier version of yourself, is awaiting your arrival.


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