Chakra Affirmations: Feeling Gratitude to the Core of Your Being

Chakra Affirmations: Feeling Gratitude to the Core of Your Being July 7, 2020

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If you have done much spiritual study, you probably already know that gratitude is an essential spiritual attitude. Without gratitude, our minds naturally focus on the negative until negativity becomes an ingrained habit, and the gift of life and the possibility for growth is lost to us. Typically, gratitude practice focuses on the external features of our lives— being grateful for the abundance we have, seeing struggle as an opportunity for growth, and so forth. But what if we were able to transmit gratitude right into your own energy system?

Chakra affirmations are a way to make sure all aspects of your life are soaked in an attitude of gratitude. The chakras, as you may know, are the centers within your physical body that regulate the flow of different types of energy in and out of your life. By focusing on each chakra as you transmit gratitude, you ensure that every area of your life is receiving your blessing and your positivity. And, this practice can help you heal your chakras, which often carry unresolved pain and trauma from the past.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of chakras, I recommend reading an article or two about them so that you understand the nature of each of the seven chakras. Although you could do these at any time, you might also want to do some relaxation, meditation, or focusing exercises before you begin. You may also wish to place your hands upon each chakra as you repeat these affirmations. I recommend that you start with the simple affirmations offered below, and then later adapt and revise them to be more specific to your individual situation and level of understanding:

First Chakra (Root)
“Thank you for my life. Thanks to you, I am living the adventure of growth of the soul. Thank you to my birth parents and to all who nurtured my mind and body in infancy and childhood. Thank you for giving me my foundation and my confidence.”

Second Chakra (Sacral)
“Thank you for my creative power. Thank you for my fertility of both mind and body. Thank you for the fire in the belly that gives motion and energy to everything that I do. Thank you for my physical strength and for my increasing health and wellbeing.”

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus)
“Thank you for my willpower. Thank you for the hope that you give to my life and to the world, and for the potential for growth and change that you provide. Thank you for the inner power that I draw from you and for the goals that you allow me to achieve.”

Fourth Chakra (Heart)
“Thank you for my ability to love and to connect to others. Thank you for all the emotions, both positive and negative, that give richness to my life. Thank you for my capacity for forgiveness and acceptance. Thank you for my compassion and my empathy. Thank you for my sincere desire to connect to my soul.”

Fifth Chakra (Throat)
“Thank you for my voice. Thank you for my ability to sing and to laugh and to express joy. Thank you also for my ability to cry and to express my sorrow. Thank you for my ability to speak my truth with confidence and honesty.”

Sixth Chakra (Third Eye)
“Thank you for my intuition. Thank you for my ever-expanding awareness and for the wisdom that you bring. Thank you for the many insights that you give to help me on my way through life, and thank you for the ability to perceive something grander than this temporary life.”

Seventh Chakra (Crown)
“Thank you for my true self. Thank you for this precious opportunity for completion and for the capacity for true enlightenment. Thank you for the soul that raises me above the limitations of a life lived only for the physical body. Thank you for the bliss I feel in my meetings with the divinity within.”

Connecting to the Universe

Chakra affirmations are not simply for narcissistic purposes. Yes, they can help you heal individually, but, ultimately, your chakras are not just about you; they connect you to the vast energetic system that permeates the universe. By healing your chakras and feeling deep gratitude for them, you are also improving your connection to the flow of universal energy in general. Through your root chakra, you are rooted in the earth, not unlike a towering oak tree. Through your crown chakra, you are connected to the unseen spiritual realm. And, all the other chakras connect you to other souls and to the journey you are experiencing on this plane. Your energy system is an important part of the miracle that is your life, and it is worthy of genuine expressions of gratitude.

If you would like to understand and connect to your chakras more deeply through principles and energy practice, I invite you to look at my book, Healing Chakras: Awaken Your Body’s Energy System for Complete Health, Happiness, and Peace.

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