Applying the Water Up, Fire Down Energy Principle in Your Life—And How It Benefits You

Applying the Water Up, Fire Down Energy Principle in Your Life—And How It Benefits You June 15, 2021

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How many times have you learned about a principle or a new way of doing something and thought it looked neat, but had no idea how to incorporate it into your life? And sometimes you see a wonderful idea but don’t understand how it would benefit the world as a whole.

That’s what makes Water Up, Fire Down such an exciting concept. The whole world can benefit from it if we learn how to make it accessible to everyone.

How Water Up, Fire Down Works

When Water Up, Fire Down is working as it should, the blood flow in your abdominal region warms up your belly, making a higher temperature than that of your head. “Water” energy goes up from there, cooling your head. The energy that is pushed from your head to your heart is heated to “fire” energy before heading to your belly.

Under this system of (ki/chi/qi) energy flow, our organs and blood circulation are as they should be, filling us with energy, strength, and vitality.

Water Up, Fire Down Applies to All Living Creatures

Sometimes people forget we’re part of the world as a whole. While some of us consider ourselves masters of the world instead of one piece of the puzzle, humans are not above the natural laws. We are part of the planet and to live our best lives, we must play by the rules all living things do, such as Water Up, Fire Down.

Look at nature for inspiration. Everything in the plant world practices Water Up, Fire Down. Let’s look at trees and plants. Water comes down from the sky when it rains, and the plants pull that water up from the ground by using their roots. Heat also comes down from the sun, providing energy that leaves use to make fuel for the plants. The heat and water that nature provides keeps plants alive and healthy.

Making Gwangmyung

Many of you might not have heard the word gwangmyung before. It essentially means bright light or bright energy. To be in a balanced state, you must make gwangmyung, and you need Water Up, Fire Down to do that.

If you’ve been struggling, look at how you’ve been living your day-to-day life and accept that you need something different. The problem for many of us is that our fire energy has moved up to our heads because of emotional shortcomings common in the modern world, such as competition and greed. That’s what happens when you’re stressed by thoughts of worry, envy, and despair—your fire goes to your head. You become hot-headed, and that kind of state doesn’t help anything.

You’ll feel it in your body. Your stomach feels funny—tied up in knots. Your head hurts. You have trouble sleeping, and depression starts setting in. You feel terrible, and things may be about to get worse. When you are in this state, your immune system starts to decline. That leaves you open to all kinds of diseases.

You must recirculate the water and fire in your body to restore your gwangmyung and find better health. Stagnant water is not your friend. Removing the blockages and improving your energy flow will help get your body and mind back on track.

By making gwangmyung through Water Up, Fire Down, you can realize that all is not lost. You can hope for a better life, a better future.

Restore Your Health and Vitality

Change can be hard—there’s no doubt about that. People do what they are used to. They tend to do the same things every day because it’s what they know, and doing something different would require more energy.

Trying something new can require more thought and effort. But once you get used to it, it becomes a way of life. It feels like your new normal. You will only be able to bring this Water Up, Fire Down balance to your life, however, if you make it a priority, even if you just make changes a little at a time. Once you do, everything will be running in harmony, and you’ll be at your best health mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Learn more about this principle and how to apply it to your life from my book Water Up Fire Down.

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