If “A Christmas Story” were made in 2013…

If “A Christmas Story” were made in 2013… November 27, 2013

Coming this holiday season, “A Christmas Story.” 

In white suburbia, a young boy hopes of realizing his aspirations of becoming a singer. His only wish for “the holidays” is a brand new karaoke machine, filled with his favorite pop songs. These wishes clash, however, with the wishes of his father, an unfeeling corporate executive who wants his son to have a Red Ryder BB gun. Torn between his dreams and the desire to please his demanding father, the son almost gives up on Christmas. That is, until his saintly mother steps in with wit and wisdom, bringing the two boys together and saving the holiday. Mom helps junior reveal his true self to Dad, and points out that such a “violent” gift like a BB gun would only shoot someone’s eye out anyway. 

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