Tony Jones was wrong about Tony Jones, but John Piper was right.

Tony Jones was wrong about Tony Jones, but John Piper was right. November 27, 2013

Liberal theologian Tony Jones is urging a total “schism,” between churches that ordain female ministers and those that “subjugate women” (exact quote).


That means:

  • If you attend a church that does not let women preach or hold positions of ecclesial authority, you need to leave that church.
  • If you work for a ministry that does not affirm women in ecclesial leadership, you need to leave that ministry.
  • If you write for a publishing house that also prints books by “complementarians,” you need to take your books to another publishing house.
  • If you speak at conferences, you need to withdraw from all events that do not affirm women as speakers, teachers, and leaders.

That is, we who believe in the full equality of women need to break fellowship with those who do not. The time for dialogue and debate has passed. The Spirit has spoken, and we have listened. It’s time to move forward with full force.

Even Jones’s readers seem a bit shell shocked by his vehemence. However, I think it’s more than fair to say that Jones (and many others) is simply expressing the belief he has always had, namely, that non egalitarian churches are sub Christian and guilty of heresy.

Remember when the Emergent church was upset about those ridiculous Christians that actually made points of doctrine a big deal? Remember when Tony Jones was miffed about John Piper’s insistence that the two of them could not possibly do ministry together, due to serious doctrinal differences?

Question: Do you really think Jones would even want such a ministry partnership now?

Piper was right, and Jones was wrong: Two cannot walk side by side unless they agree.

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