Trust in Him

Trust in Him March 26, 2023

Trust in Him. 

Looking back, this last Saturday was an important MATH day. Collectively, we raise our kids to go to school and we think math is one of those subjects we ‘need’ but we can’t really tell them what you need it for other than figuring out how many tablespoons there are in a cup and a cup in a gallon.
Thinking about it, when they say they don’t need to know those things and they will order out or get Grubhub, we have more than an math problem.

     …we celebrate….

But Saturday, we celebrate math teachers worldwide like Mrs. Lowenstein’s Intro to Algebra, Mr. Baker’s General Math, Joey’s cousin-the physics teacher, Ms. Tammerack’s incessant nagging about keeping your columns straight on adding six-digit numbers. Saturday, all their instruction and nagging and tolerating the whispering under the breath about their shoes untied-all of it paid off.
You see, we found out on Saturday, in the afternoon, just how those teachings worked out. Some at the Jet Propulsion Lab, JPL, maybe several of them-we found out just how good their math teachers were. Saturday, an asteroid, 2023 DZ2, the size of your high school football field, traveling at 18,000 miles an hour, was supposed to fly between us and the moon.

     …space rock….

That gap, on a good day, is only 250,000 miles wide. It turned out the space rock was about 170,000 away. Almost half that gap. Those of us waiting, hoped that student remembered to carry the one properly, to keep their columns in line. We hoped they got a good night sleep and didn’t break up with their partner two weeks ago and decided to say ‘I’ll show them-bastards.’
We don’t want it to hit the moon either. That might be worse than taking a direct shot to the snot locker. We found out about 4:30 eastern time on Saturday.
I decided to sit in my front yard then, taking into account the three-hour time difference and made it out to my plastic Adirondack chair, just me and the dogs. I thought maybe with a fine scotch, although that is about 12:30 my time so I settled for an iced tea. Oh well. I didn’t want to have the house fall on me and if it did, all I could do is call out ‘hey–I’m under the sofa.’
Nope, I decided I was going to give it a clean shot. Or go to lunch. One of the two.
Its funny stuff like this. Some people who actually heard about it, were actually wondering if they should leave town. What if it hit here? Or there? I am not sure we would really know until it was, well, here or there. There was an actual anxiousness in their collective voices.

     front row….

I just wanted a front row view, away from the house, with the dogs. I felt pretty good those people at JPL had it wired in. There was really nowhere to go. I think there was a huge chunk of calm given to us in a core knowledge of who we are, might be, or may become. We are the chosen children of the God of the Universe. His plan is always-always perfect.
The odds of getting hit by one of these things is almost nonexistent. Almost. Just like being in a plane crash or even a car accident. They are all rare. But it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. We can forever walk in fear. Focused completely we walk in terror our next step will land on a mine and blow us up. That cancer your neighbor has, you might get it. What about the job and will it be around even after the Covid threat is gone? We can lay awake at night and fear a whole list of stuff. And all which happens is we lose a night’s sleep.
Dad has this thing which drives out our fear. When you know this, you find He has us perfectly woven in his plan. All we have to do is dare believe we are His and He loves us more than we do. Amazingly, It’s hard to do. The fun thing is, all we have to do is-
ask Him to.

     … and be amazed.

Step out in faith. Stepping even if that faith is almost non-existent. It doesn’t mean we won’t get eaten by the Great Fish, it just means, somehow, it’s Perfect. God didn’t say we had to have an abundance of faith. A drop of faith in a swimming pool is completely enough for Him. Watch, and be amazed.

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