Life purpose

Life purpose October 18, 2014

There is a purpose to your life. You take care of the daily details in order that you may better serve that purpose, but the details are not the purpose. If life seems too empty, it means you’re focused on things that do not resonate with your purpose. Life by its very definition is overflowing with richness. It cannot be empty. Yet from the perspective of your purpose, your pursuits at any given time might very well be empty ones.

To bring fullness and abundance to your own life, live like you are somebody special, because you truly are. Certainly there are bills to be paid, appointments to be kept, and other details begging for your attention. Keep in mind, however, that you’re doing these things for a reason. In the service of that purpose, you have chosen to attend to all the details. You are in control of all these things. They are not in control of you.

The degree to which you value, celebrate and utilize the good fortune of your life will determine the fullness and richness of that life. You already have more than you could ever possibly use. Your challenge is to make the most of it on a moment-by-moment basis.

You are blessed with a powerful, intelligent mind. Fill it with knowledge. Challenge it to grow and to become more powerful by constantly putting it to work. You can think and you can reason, and those skills have the power to take you anywhere you wish to go. Consider for a moment what life would be like if you could not think. Then consider what life would be like if you could expand your thinking by just a little bit each day. Your mind is indeed a powerful creation, and it is in your best interest to use that mind to the fullest extent possible.

The thoughts you think do not happen by accident. There’s a reason for them. Pay attention to what you’re thinking. Give your mind the credit it is due. Follow through on those thoughts. Keep them alive, nurture them and give them the energy of your effort. You’ve got a great mind. Make full use of the treasures it offers you.

You have a magnificent and useful body that permits you to move from place to place, to sense the world around you in its richness and detail, to manipulate objects in countless ways, to build, to create, and to express yourself. That body may not be perfect, but it is your home and it serves you well. Take good care of it. Nourish your body with top quality nutrition. Keep it strong and healthy with regular physical exercise. Constantly cleanse and sustain it by drinking clean water and breathing clean air.

Your desires are pointers to your purpose. Not only do they motivate you to achieve great things, they also can reveal your true essence. Pay attention to your desires. Seek to understand them. They represent a powerful path toward self awareness. Too often, desires get corrupted as they make their way into your consciousness. For example, the desire for more nutritious food can often get interpreted as simply a desire for more junk food. That’s why it is important to look for the desires behind the desires. Often, understanding a desire can be more useful than simply following it. Every desire has a reason. Behind that reason is another reason. Dig deeply enough into your desires and you’ll gain a valuable understanding about the driving force behind your life. Experience your desires, seek to understand them and they will enrich your life.

Your disappointments are also a valuable part of your life. Like your desires, they point you toward your purpose. Whenever you experience disappointment, it’s because something did not work out the way you intended. Your disappointments reveal the things about which you care the most. Disappointment can be painful. That’s why it is so powerful. Value and make the best of your disappointments by first admitting them, then experiencing them, and then understanding the very positive and life affirming aspects within you which make those disappointments possible.

Experience joy. Drink in and value the joyful times in your life. Experience them fully. By experiencing joy, you enable the true person inside come to life. Let yourself be joyful, without guilt, without expectations. Truly value the joyful moments and lose yourself in their richness. You’ll feel the power of that joy, and the power of your purpose, in every part of your life.

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