A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day May 26, 2012

Following a pretty rotten day, the universe will sometimes throw you a nearly perfect one. Or maybe it’s just that, for me, two consecutive rotten days are unacceptable. In any case, yesterday= pretty dang crummy. Today, however, rolled something like this:

Day started, per usual, with a small girl crawling into bed with me and firmly wedging herself in my back to snooze for a few more minutes. Then it was up and around for breakfast with the fam at our favorite pancake place.  Unseasonably cool fluke of a day that it was, we sat outside. In Phoenix, in almost-June. Crazy.

Then, trip to Anthem so the kids could play at the splash park, then we took a ride on the Daisy Mountain Railroad.  (There is something pretty special about little boys and trains that even I cannot quite capture in words.)  They were so worn out after all the a ‘benture, that we came home for epic naptime. During which Dad laid outside in a lounge chair, in the sun, while mom  finished a book. Hear that, people with small children? I actually finished a book.

Then I went to get my hair did. As any woman with kids will tell you, it is the ultimate 45-minute vacation. New lease on life, for (usually) under $100.

Stopped at AJ’s (=fancy grocery store) just in time for the free Friday wine tasting (oh, look how that happened!) took my sweet time, met some lovely people, and picked up sushi for dinner.

All serving to remind me that a bad day in my life is still a pretty great day, because I really don’t have any problems that can’t be overcome with a haircut, some family time, and a few sips of the fullness of life.

So yeah, it was a pancake morning, and a sushi evening. And also, I might have accidentally bought some chocolate. And wine. And finally–finally!– cherries. I craved them like a crazy person both times I was pregnant, and now it is fun to watch those babies–now out in the world, with teeth even–inhale them quicker than i can cut out the pits.

They might cost as much as a tank of gas, but all in all, it just seemed like a good day to splurge on cherries. And to say out loud that life is good, most every day that we let it be.

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  • Sue McDaniel

    Yeh, life is good most days that we let it be. It is sometimes just the small things in life that bring us pleasure like a bowl of cherries or a cup of latte and a homemade shortbread cookie at my favorite coffee shop (Lola’s Coffee) in downtown Phoenix. I can just picture all the things that made your day a good one like snuggling with your child in bed, and then a good breakfast, and so on. I love reading about you and your kids and the special bond that you have with them. Train pics were very good.