One Family Under Heaven

CK1 english

In the beginning, . . .

The one true God created the world and all living things. He brought order to his creation, making it be a place of blessing.

He made male and female according to his image. We share in God’s face. God is humanity’s heavenly father. He calls them to represent him in the creation. Thus, we owe God honor.

The Creator-King designed the world to be the place where he would dwell with his people. He wants all things to enjoy his holiness. God determined to bless the world through relationships. As people honored him, they would also enjoy unity with one another. God’s kingdom was to be a place of righteousness.

The one true God planned to use the human family to fill the earth with his glory. If only they would love their Father and King, there would be harmony in the world.

Losing Face & Seeking Face ––>



1. Who is God?


2. Why does he deserve honor and glory?


3. What is God’s design for the world?


Genesis 1–2; Psalm 19; 104


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