Great Commission Quotes

What quotes would you add? [Read more...]

Israel’s Honor and Shame (Part 2)


In the last post, I began retelling Israel’s story from the perspective of honor and shame. (Click here: Part 1). The emphasis falls more on how God honored Israel. Today, we see the shift to shame. From Grace to Disgrace Even from their time in the wilderness, the people of Israel brought disgrace upon themselves. [Read More...]

Israel’s Honor and Shame (Part 1)

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What does Israel have to do with honor and shame? Ironically, they do have at least this in common: when it comes to interpreting the Bible, many people have no idea what to do with either subject. Consequently, we often see two quite opposite responses. First, people simply ignore or minimize the importance of both [Read More...]

Scoring the Shame of Chinese Citizens


It appears that the Chinese government will begin a new age of persecution. According to an article from the ACLU (and others), Chinese citizens in effect will be given a score that measures their honor or shame. Others have given good reasons to question whether the report is entirely accurate. I suspect that something like this may be in [Read More...]

4 Reasons for an Evangelical Reformation (Part 2)

Zentralbibliothek_Zürich_-_Effigies_praecipuorum_illustrium_atque_praestantium_aliquot_theologorum_-_000008283_cropped [wikipedia]

Nearly 500 hundred years after the Protestant Reformation, we still need an evangelical reformation. Previously, I mentioned two reasons for making that suggestion. They concerned how we use the Bible and our appeal to tradition. Today, I will offer two more areas that evangelicals need reformation. 3. Repentance Luther seared a guilty conscience into the evangelical [Read More...]

4 Reasons for an Evangelical Reformation (Part 1)

Reformation Wall, Geneva Geoffrey Etwein Flickr

We’ve all heard the same tired truism that those who do forget history are doomed to repeat it. That may be correct, but it doesn’t tell us the whole story about those who do remember history. Many Christians will soon celebrate Reformation Day. Although evangelicals remember the Reformation with fondness, many people still do not [Read More...]

Will I see you at ETS 2015?

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I look forward to attending ETS and SBL 2015 next month! I hope to connect with many of you. For now, I’ll let you know where you can find me. I’ll be presenting … Tuesday, November 17th 2:50–3:30 “Have Theologians No Sense of Shame?: How the Bible Reconciles Objective and Subjective Shame” Here is my [Read More...]

More tips for teaching theology in Chinese


This post gives a number of suggestions for learning and teaching theological concepts in Chinese. However, many of the ideas below could easily be applied to other languages as well. In the last post, I explained three of the most critical suggestions. Today, the list is more straightforward, starting with tip #4.   4. Use [Read More...]

3 Tips for Teaching Theology in Chinese (and other languages)


Practically speaking, how can people learn and teach theological ideas in Chinese (or any other foreign language)? My previous post explained “why” missionaries should learn theological language (not merely “religious” language). Today, I want to talk about the “how” by offering 3 initial tips. Later, I’ll offer a lot more suggestions. What do we do? [Read More...]

Teaching Theology in Chinese


I once sat in a meeting with a group of new missionaries being sent to East Asia. One man wanted to have proper expectations about learning Mandarin. He raised his hand and asked sincerely, “How long with it take before we can read things like theological journals in Chinese?” With a snorting laugh, one woman interjected [Read More...]