Interesting stuff in Themelios (Dec 2016)

This month’s Themelios has multiple interesting articles and reviews of noteworthy books. I was fortunately able to contribute two book reviews of my own. Article I’d be curious to hear people’s opinions about Fred Farrokh’s article, The “Same God Question”: Why Muslims are Not Moving Toward Christians Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? [Read More…]

Honor and Shame are Objective (Not Merely Subjective)

Many Christians think honor and shame are simply subjective categories. The Bible disagrees. Scripture uses the concepts of honor-shame to convey objective realities. Unfortunately, this observation often gets overlooked. In recent weeks and months, I’ve seen this time and time again. I regularly receive push-back from people who think shame and honor are nothing more [Read More…]

Responding to “White Privilege” in Missions

How do we practically respond to “white privilege”? We first considered how to talk about the issue and then how we should understand the “white privilege” from a Christian perspective. I suggested we need to focus on how to use one’s privileges (whatever they might be) in order to help others enjoy the same opportunities. [Read More…]

Honor-Shame Conference 2107 at Wheaton: Registration NOW OPEN

It’s official! You can now register for “Honor, Shame, & the Gospel“—the Honor-Shame Network Conference at Wheaton College, June 2017! The price of $309 is all-inclusive—the conference, lodging, meals and snacks. Register soon because the price increases every 50 registrants!  This event will help you go deeper into the topic of honor and shame through collaborating, networking, [Read More…]

The Gospel of the Kingdom (video)

In light of the recent election, I can think of few videos more fitting to encourage our hearts. In case you haven’t see it, this is SO, SO good. For more amazing videos like this, check out Save [Read more…]

Thank God for “White Privilege” in Missions?

Someone asked me to speak more directly to the issue of “white privilege.” Previously, I responded to an American-born Chinese woman who complained of white privilege among missionaries. My article highlighted two big ideas. 1) Communication We need to rethink how to communicate ideas about “white privilege” and related subjects. We need to define our [Read More…]

Trump supporters are not put to shame

During election coverage, one commentator rightly stated Trump’s victory does not represent the opposition of political ideologies; rather, it juxtaposes competing subcultures within America. The working underclass are pitted against the cultural elites. The underclass regards the latter as proponents of a larger cultural agenda typified by everything that goes by the name “political correctness” [Read More…]

Do We Foster Humility and Hutzpah?

Previously, I claimed that good contextualization requires two things: humility and hutzpah. In this post, we want to ask a simple question, How are we doing? Do evangelicals encourage the people to have the humility and hutzpah to contextualize? Do we foster these qualities? It might be harder than you think to develop humility and [Read More…]

ChinaSource Podcast on Contextualization and Chinese Culture

ChinaSource recently posted an interview between Joann Pittman, Sam Chan and I. I am grateful for the invitation as we had a great conversation. ChinaSource gives the following introduction. Their discussion examines the process of interpreting, communicating and applying the Bible in a particular cultural context. Effective contextualization communicates the gospel message in a way [Read More…]

How Christ saves God’s face . . . and ours (new article)

I’ll excited to let you know that Missiology published my newest article this month and it appears they’ve it available for free (for now). I’m thankful for allowing people access to it. Here is the abstract: Honor and shame are critical aspects of a biblical soteriology. In order to demonstrate the point, this article surveys three key [Read More…]