Last chance to get free stuff


This is the third and final week I’ll be giving away free books. This week, I want to try something different. I would like for you to send me your story. Specifically, I would like you to answer this question: How is your ministry influenced by honor and shame?   This is broadly stated to [Read More...]

Contextualization via Decontextualizing the Bible


I had a number of concerns in mind when I wrote One Gospel for All Nations. One of them is a tendency among missionaries (among others): People tend to do contextualization by decontextualizing the Bible. What do I mean? In order to make the gospel understandable, they typically reduce the message to a few key [Read More...]

Week 1 winner. Week 2?

The winner from week one’s book giveaway is hquach, who signed up to receive blog posts directly to his mailbox. Congrats!  hquach will receive three free books of his/her choice as offered in the giveaway. (hquach, I have your full email address and will contact you soon).  If you didn’t win, don’t forget I am [Read More...]

The Bible Project (Helpful Resource)


In case you hadn’t heard, here is a great resource called The Bible Project. These guys create short 4–5 minute videos that beautifully summarize biblical books and themes. The art is very well done. The narration is thorough and engaging. Below, I’ve embedded a sample of their work. It provides an overview of the first [Read More...]

Early reviews of “One Gospel for All Nations”

One Gospel for All Nations (FRONT COVER) reduced

It’s great to see a few early reviews of “One Gospel for All Nations.” If you are interested in hearing what others are saying, check them out. 1. Werner Mischke, Vice-President of Mission ONE, has written a generous and thorough review over at his blog. 2. Tabor Laughlin, who serves Chinese in East Asia, has [Read More...]

Giving Away More Books!


Last week, I celebrated my move to Patheos by giving away books. I’ll announce the winner soon. It’s so fun to give stuff away that I want to keep doing it. However, this week, I want to celebrate the release of my new book One Gospel for All Nations.  Ways to enter the drawing 3 [Read More...]

EMQ offers “How Would Jesus Tell It?”


The kind folks at EMQ (Evangelical Missions Quarterly) have just made available for free my article “How Would Jesus Tell It? Crafting Stories from an Honor-Shame Perspective”! So, if you don’t already have a subscription to EMQ and are interested in subjects like honor-shame and story crafting, then here’s an opportunity to check out that [Read More...]

Why the Abrahamic Covenant “Frames” the Gospel

Abraham covenant

Today, I want to better illustrate what it means to “frame” the gospel. This is a major aspect of the model of contextualization suggested in One Gospel for All Nations. I will prepare you to see why Paul says that the Abrahamic covenant is equivalent to the gospel (Gal 3:8), which will be the subject [Read More...]

N. T. Wright’s summary of the gospel

More than Good Advice (cover)

In the July/August issue of Relevant magazine, N. T. Wright says, The Gospel is news about news. Ironically, many Western churches think of the Christian message as a system for how you do something—namely how you get saved, or how you behave, or some combination of the two. They conceive of faith as a system [Read More...]

A Few Interesting China Articles

Joann Pittman always has great posts with insights into Chinese culture. Here are a few recent ones that may interest you. Golden Rules of Working in China 1. Everything is possible. 2. Nothing is easy. 3. Western business logic does not apply. 4. It is a fun project if there is no deadline. 5. You [Read More...]