The Atonement in Historical Context

I’m thinking a lot about the atonement these days. At this years ETS Conference, I’ll be talking about the sacrificial system from an honor-shame perspective. Also, I am preparing a class called The Theology of Atonement. One of my favorite books from this past year is Adonis Vidu’s Atonement, Law, and Justice: The Cross in [Read More...]

The Birth of a Simplistic Gospel


Simplification is not contextualization. Of course we want to communicate the gospel as simply as possible. Yet, the gospel is not as “simple” as many people suppose. Consider the various contexts involved. We have to understand the gospel as it was understood in multiple ancient settings. Our own cultural lenses limit our interpretations. In addition, [Read More...]

One Story to Rule Them All?


There is a very particular story that frames the way the biblical writers present the gospel. This is an important premise of the model I propose in One Gospel for All Nations. The framework of the biblical story is unchanging. It is what gives firmness to our gospel presentations. As Paul says in Gal 1:6–7, [Read More...]

Is this the gospel?

SM-what is the gospel

What do think? Is this the gospel?   [Read more...]

Congrats to the 3rd and final winner

Congratulations to Sharon Walraven! She has won the third and final drawing of the month for free books. She has won a copy of…. One Gospel for All Nations: A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization plus her choice of one of the following…. Vainglory (by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung) The 3D Gospel: Ministry in Guilt, Shame, [Read More...]

Why the Abrahamic Covenant IS the gospel


In this post, I will explain why Gal 3:8 says that God’s covenant with Abraham is the gospel. I will simply outline how I understand the gospel from the perspective of the Abrahamic covenant. For a fuller discussion of the gospel and its framework (i.e. the themes of creation, covenant, kingdom), you can check out [Read More...]

Challies’ View of Guilt & Shame is Half Right


This past week Tim Challies posted his thoughts about guilt and shame. His view is representative of most people evangelicals I meet. Because his comments are so conventional, they unfortunately are very incomplete and need clarification. I appreciate our brother’s blog. His suggested resources and commentary is often helpful. However, in this instance, his perspective [Read More...]

Week 2 Winner is…. Are you the next one?


We have a winner to the Week 2 book giveaway! Congrats to Caleb Spindler, who entered the drawing with his tweet letting people know about my newest book One Gospel for All Nations. He will win a copy of…. One Gospel for All Nations: A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization plus his choice of one [Read More...]

What David Wells Misunderstands About Contextualization


Justin Taylor has posted a quote from David Wells regarding contextualization.  I recently wrote about the danger of “de-contextualizing” the gospel (which feels a bit like finding the above stormtroopers gaurding your local mall). So, I found Wells comments particularly eye catching. Within the extended quotation, Wells writes: Biblical revelation was given in a particular [Read More...]

What Magic Teaches Us About Contextualization

The Magic of Contextualization

This video is so beautifully relevant for understanding what it takes to do contextualization. This magician helps us understand the power of empathetic perspective taking. As you watch, continually apply what he says in your mind to contextualization. Any thoughts? [Read more...]