“White privilege” in missions. Really?

My aunt is attracted black men. That means I now have two black cousins related by blood. During middle school, my dad, one of my cousins and I went to the store. I kept my distance from them, at least 20 yards. It was not until adulthood that I found out my actions were grossly [Read More…]

My most useful contextualization tool (Part 1)

I recently realized that I have never shared on this blog what is probably the most important tool included in One Gospel for All Nations (OGFAN). It is what enables us to contextualize the Bible in a faithful and meaningful way regardless of our cultural context. Therefore, this post demonstrates how to apply the model of [Read More…]

China is serious this time

The Chinese government is serious about implementing their recently announced religious guidelines. This past week, Chinese authorities mass issued forms for citizens to report their participation in all religious activities. See the form below. So far, I’m only aware of two groups receiving the forms–– college professors and the parents of school children. I presume [Read More…]

Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures (book notice)

Here is a must read for anyone ministering in honor-shame contexts. Jayson Georges and Mark Baker have written Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures (IVP). I have a formal review of the book coming out soon (I loved it!) but want to let you know about it now. You can find a much fuller introduction over at [Read More…]

Study Guides to Training Videos

Over the past few months, I posted 4 short training videos (available on my media page). Explaining Contextualization How Do We Contextualize the Gospel for All Nations? Understanding Honor and Shame Honor and Shame in the Bible Per reader request, I’ve created study guides to to go along with the videos. I’ve also written a [Read More…]

What LGBT Teaches the Church about Shame (Part 3)

This post concludes the series by giving three suggestions to apply the observations made in Part 1 &  Part 2 concerning the use of honor-shame in social issues. Jesus said those of this world are more shrewd than people of the light (cf. Luke 16:8). The church’s response to the LBGT movement might be a [Read More…]

What LGBT Teaches the Church about Shame (Part 2)

This post highlights a few observations that will help the church use honor & shame to engage social issues. (In Part 1, I showed how LGBT advocates effectively use shame to propel their agenda.)  Engaging a “Fame-Shame” Culture These observations do not mean the church should simply increase its own use of shame in order [Read More…]

What LGBT Teaches the Church about Shame (Part 1)

If the LGBT movement has anything, it’s an ironic sense of shame. I’m not talking about sexual morality. I refer to a major reason for the success of LGBT efforts to spur political and social change. They demonstrate uncanny unity in using shame to achieve their goals. This is one reason people do not listen [Read More…]

Building the Biblical Story

In order to teach the Bible and share the gospel, we do best to understand both how stories work and how people learn. If we lack sufficient knowledge of either, we might create unnecessary challenges to our ministry. In mission circles, “story” is often linked with orality and UPG work. Among theologians, the entire Bible [Read More…]

Humility and Hutzpah: Two Characteristics of Biblical Contextualization

Contextualization requires character more than competence. Too few people talk about this. As a result, all discussion focuses on (important) intellectual issues but rarely is consideration given to the character that yields good contextualization. Yes, contextualization often requires a bit of creativity and experimentation. But what else goes into it? The Character of Biblical Contextualization [Read More…]