April 5, 2022

How long will it be before I can say I’m an evangelical without adding some qualifying phrase? The word “evangelical” now has varied meanings in different crowds. Previous generations joked that an evangelical was anyone who liked Billy Graham. By that definition, Paul was certainly no evangelical. So, if I assert “Paul was an evangelical, then he got saved,” I’d better explain myself. And, no, the title is not entirely clickbait. Let’s start by explaining our terms. What is an... Read more

March 29, 2022

As Christians, the question is not whether we will play but which game we will join. The problem is not that we play status games but that we don’t play in a Christ-like manner. Read more

March 22, 2022

I recently read Grace Huang's Chiang Kai-Shek’s Politics of Shame: Leadership, Legacy, and National Identity in China (2021). Here’s my review of the book Read more

March 15, 2022

Over a hundred years ago, F. C. Bartlett changed the trajectory of memory studies and yet is largely ignored by Christians, to our detriment. Read more

March 8, 2022

As a missions community, we’re ready to strike gold. But we’re poorly equipped for the slow, plodding work of teaching and discipleship Read more

March 1, 2022

My concern here is not for missionaries. It’s for the lost. Our effectiveness is damaged by our inattention to excellence in our work. Read more

February 22, 2022

While I can't entirely explain the problem, the solution has to place less emphasis on speed and numbers. Isn’t that what Christ did? Read more

February 15, 2022

I love this book! While some people will find it disturbing, Rhodes' ideas challenge many core presuppositions that underlie modern missions Read more

February 8, 2022

I often get asked for book recommendations from people who want to learn about honor and shame. It's actually a challenging question to answer. But here is a starting point. Read more

February 1, 2022

Can we improve the way we play status games? Yes, we can! This post offers eight ideas for doing just that. Read more

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