December 4, 2023

It’s nearing NFL playoff time and it’s the Christmas season. So, here’s a topic that brings football and Christianity into conversation. Some people see the NFL’s post-game prayer circles as a simple act of faith. In fact, it has deep historical roots with significant cultural and political implications. What kicked off the tradition? This tradition can be traced back to a 1990 game between the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers. The inaugural prayer circle was the brainchild... Read more

November 28, 2023

This post explores how status affects the church and why discerning these dynamics has profound theological and practical implications. Read more

November 20, 2023

People in the U.S. Think They Are Better Than They Actually Are. People in Asia Don’t. That’s the title of a fascinating piece by University of Michigan psychologist Shinobu Kitayama. His compelling article reveals an intriguing psychological divergence between Western and East Asian individuals regarding self-perception. Positive Illusions Aren’t Universal The research challenges a long-held belief in psychology that “positive illusions”—the tendency to overestimate one’s abilities—are a universal human trait. Instead, Kitayama argues that this cognitive bias is largely confined... Read more

November 14, 2023

Status is the hierarchy resulting from how we value (appraise) differences. A fundamental desire, status has personal and social benefits. Read more

November 7, 2023

It’s that time of year again– the 2023 Annual Conference of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS)! (This year, I’m skipping SBL) I want to let you know about a couple of papers I’m giving at ETS as well as two sessions that might interest you. I’m presenting in each of these sessions, so I’ll attach my abstract at the bottom so you can know what I’ll be talking about. Sessions of Interest Wednesday, November 15th 8:30 AM – 11:40 AM... Read more

October 31, 2023

Everyone cares about status. To say otherwise means you’re delusional or simply don’t understand status. Unfortunately for many Christians, talking about status is taboo. Read more

October 24, 2023

Some claim that punishment is the mechanism that secures God’s forgiveness; instead, it is the consequence of God not forgiving sin. Read more

October 17, 2023

Sandra Glahn's Nobody's Mother demonstrates how Paul uses Artemis to contextualize his message for the Ephesians Read more

October 10, 2023

Much written about Artemis of Ephesus is manifestly wrong. Sandra Glahn's Nobody's Mother helps to fix that problem Read more

October 3, 2023

The Old Testament presents numerous examples of sacrifices, many of which can be understood as symbolic meals offered to God by His worshipers. From the solemnity of the Passover Lamb to the simple grain offerings, these sacrifices were not only acts of atonement but also deeply communal and spiritual experiences. Read more

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