Brad Vaughn

My Education

Ph.D. (SEBTS), M.A. (Philosophy), M.Div, B.S. (Applied Mathematics)

What I do… in one sentence

I help global church leaders to interpret, communicate, and apply Scripture in ways that are biblically faithful and culturally meaningful so that the church bears lasting fruit.

My Why

At least 75% of the world’s Christians are non-Western, but over 80% of pastors serving in these churches have little to no formal biblical training. This is why I work with Global Training Network (GTN)in order to respond to the theological famine in the Majority World.

As GTN’s theologian-in-residence, I provide contextualized theological training and resources for the global church.

In my opinion, nothing is more strategic than theological training for the global church.

Everything the church does stems from its understanding of Scripture. Theological training nourishes the soil for long-term fruitfulness. We want to bear fruit for God’s kingdom that outlasts us for generations to come.

It’s long been my ambition to help bridge the gap between theologians and practitioners. We need to bring the best of both worlds into conversation so that the church’s ministry would be biblically faithful and culturally meaningful.

Without partnership, none of this is possible. Will you join us in this ministry?

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