Jackson Wu (吴荣)



Ph.D. (Applied Theology, SEBTS)

M.A. (Philosophy), M.Div, B.S. (Applied Mathematics)

Dissertation: “The Honor of God in the Shame of Christ for Salvation: A Theological Contextualization from Chinese Culture.”

Research Interests

Theology & Missiology, including Contextualization, Romans, Soteriology (Salvation), Gospel, Honor and Shame, Chinese Church/Theology


I have served as the Theologian-in-Residence for Mission One, having previously worked in East Asia first as a church planter and then as a professor for Chinese pastors.

Strategic Ways to Serve the Chinese Church?

Prayer, Theological training (esp. biblical theology and exegesis), family counseling (marriage and child-rearing), mobilization of Chinese missionaries (esp. cross-cultural training), training in pedagogy

Weaknesses of Mission Workers in China?

Lack of theological training (esp. hermeneutics); under-appreciation for contextualization and so preach a true but Western gospel presentation; unwillingness to learn the language and/or sustain a life of simplicity; pragmatism due to idolatry of time/speed, zeal for quantity at the cost of quality

Why Blog?

We cannot afford to separate missiology and theology. Missiology separated from theology is little more than anthropology and sociology. Theology distinguished from missiology is an abstraction. Therefore, missiology rightly understood is simply theologizing in a particular context for the sake of God’s mission in the world.

As various people have said, all theology is contextualized theology. This blog hopes to play a role in spurring discussion and sharing resources so that the global church would further develop a missiological theology and a theological missiology.

Theological Perspective?

I am an evangelical, a member of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS), Evangelical Missiological Society (EMS), Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), Institute of Biblical Research (IBR), and American Society of Missiology (ASM).

In addition, I belong to the steering committee of the Asian/Asian-American Theology Consultation for the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS), and am on the advisory committee to the Chinese Evangelical Theological Fellowship with ETS.


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