Contextualize. Don’t Merely Theologize.

I was a math major. But it was my college soccer class that made me feel dumb. In our first scrimmage, the teacher told me to kick off the ball. Since I attended school in America, I knew what a “kick off” is. So, I naturally ran up to the ball and kicked it as [Read More…]

Review of “Becoming Native to Win the Natives”

A review of succinct and significant book with practice advice for missionaries who want to “be all things to all people.” [Read more…]

Contextualize. Don’t Merely Evangelize.

As I waited for my plane, I was stumped by what I was looking at. If Chinese understood the English on the KFC sign, no one would want to eat there. It simply read, “finger lickin’ good.” (See the pict below) For anyone who knows Chinese culture, this slogan would be like Colgate advertising that [Read More…]

Educated Chinese Christians and Wang Mingdao’s Popular Theology

Why do educated Chinese Christians both believe and leave the church? And does Wang Mingdao’s popular theology have relevance for today’s Chinese church? [Read more…]

Relating the Biblical Covenants (in 1 picture)

What is a simple way to explain the major biblical themes and covenants? If we do not have a sound understanding of the covenants, we’ll struggle to interpret the Bible. The graph below is a helpful tool for you and those you work with. It interrelates essential themes that shape the Bible’s plot. If you [Read More…]

Students “borrow points” to pass test

Here are a few noteworthy articles reflecting on contemporary Chinese culture. 1. “Teachers Loan Students Points to Pass Exams” I think you’ll like this one. It’s Chinese ingenuity at its best. Wang Yiwei explains that a high school in Nanjing has implemented a system that allows pupils to boost low grades by borrowing marks on future tests. The [Read More…]

Creativity in Ministry

Who knew Pixar had so much to teach pastors and missionaries? [Read more…]

Why collectivists grow rice and individualists grow wheat

One of my favorite books is Richard Nisbitt’s Geography of Thought, where he surveys many social and psychological studies tracing the difference between Eastern and Western thinking. He also considers the historical origins of each perspective. Accordingly, I was glad to see a recent BBC article touching on similar themes. It’s call “How East and [Read More…]

Advice for Chinese Returning to China

A Chinese student in the States emailed me recently with a question that I know others have as well. How should I equip myself in America now to be better prepared to be a faithful servant for Christ when I go back to China in 3-5 years? I’ve pasted my response below. You ask a good [Read More…]

Contextualizing Christmas in China

If you are interested in contextualization in China, you might want to check out Ruth Wang’s article, “Yellow Christmas.” She points out that many Chinese people complain that Christmas is a “Western” holiday, so it shouldn’t be celebrated in China. How are churches responding? She writes, The programs designed by Chinese Christians to celebrate Christmas [Read More…]