When Moses taught Genesis 1, he wasn’t thinking to himself, “Hmm. What would Darwin say?” Most people will concede, “Yes, I know the purpose of Genesis 1 is not to refute evolution or the Big Bang.” In practice, however, they routinely use the chapter for the sake of apologetics at the expense of its message. The Purpose of Creation In China, like elsewhere, believers and non-believers debate the meaning of the Bible’s opening account. I personally think most of these… Read more

How do Chinese house churches organize themselves? How does Chinese culture influence church structure? What are the implications? Read more

Many of you read about Paige Patterson’s comments a few weeks ago. Here is the latest in a long sad story from Christianity Today. School trustees announced early Wednesday morning that Patterson, one of the most powerful and influential figures in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), had become the seminary’s president emeritus overnight, appointing theology dean Jeffrey Bingham as interim president. After deliberation that went on past 3 a.m., the board voted him into paid retirement, complete with an on-campus… Read more

Many people have heard about China’s plan to “sinicize” Christianity. What does that mean? The government has published its “sinicization” plans online, both in Mandarin and English. Here are some of highlights. Read more

  Here are a few phrases I’ve grown tired of.   China is so “Western” now. X-city isn’t “real China.” I feel like I don’t live in China anymore. Why do people lament like this? What exactly do they call “Western”? Who are you calling “Western”? Time and again, they refer to various technological advances and conveniences found all around China. Everyone and their clothed dogs own a cell phone, maybe two. Buildings exceeding 20, 30, even 40 floors are… Read more

When we silence or cover scandalous actions and speech “under the blanket,” we only fool ourselves. In reality, we are not showing love. It is not loving to permit or tacitly approve when men objectify women or misuse their power. Read more

Still don’t understand ancient patronage systems? Well, now you can thank Donald Trump. His presidency helps us better see what ancient patronage looked like. Read more

A student working with Muslims wanted to develop a story that takes honor and shame seriously. As a motif, he explored the link between clothing and honor-shame. After verbally sketching several passages that use clothing in this way, I encouraged him to try it out. Here is what his group came up with. Read more

It kills me when well-intended pastors like Andy Stanley unwittingly do damage to the church because they do not give more careful thought to their words. In our age of YouTube and social media, his remarks gain traction among missionaries. And that’s why we can’t overlook the significant problems with his comments. Read more

Guilty of jaywalking? You should be ashamed of yourself, says the Chinese government. When tempted to think honor and shame are theoretical issues, or if you begin to think Chinese are becoming “western”, then keep this story in mind. Read more

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