April 14, 2021

 ….and some people were actually over praying for her, and had her praying in a corner, and it wasn’t just about anybody. It was some of our top leaders in that region of the country. It’s also on my playlist on my vlog | CLICK HERE pic credit: Ingle, R over the whole west coast | 2013 Can you give a personal example of battling spiritual warfare?+ I can remember one lady, sitting close to the front, worshiping the Lord.  Everyone… Read more

April 10, 2021

This is creative writing, I guess, with highlights from the Prayer Series and from another post on prayer. About this piece: We called these free writings in high school.  We’d have a timed writing, and then exchange our work with someone else in class.  After we read each other’s work, a few volunteers would read some of the pieces to the rest of us.  I was always embarrassed because one of my buddies would usually read mine to us, so… Read more

April 8, 2021

King David also establishes a big city, Jerusalem.  He is really the first one to build up Jerusalem.  He does all of these amazing things.  A portion of his legacy is that he gathers everything needed, because he has a revelation for the Temple.  He gathers it all for Solomon to build. I have a series I’m developing with Mateo on spiritual warfare.  He used what I will share in a Christian university project.  He probably used some of our… Read more

March 29, 2021

I’ve been listening to Dara Maclean, Free Chapel & Dante Bowe, among others.  I’m on a healthy cleanse for my body.  I’m considering it a “fast” and a spiritual discipline.  If you have any questions about things like that, reach out to me and make that connection. When I’ve fasted in the past, there are usually some Christian practices that have come to the fore.  As I engage in them, they make the fast more of a connecting point as… Read more

March 26, 2021

“The gifts are incarnational.  That is to say, God works through humans.  Believers submit their minds, hearts, souls, and strength to God.  They consciously, willingly surrender their all to Him.  The Spirit supernaturally enables them to minister beyond their abilities, at the same time expressing each gift through their life experience, character, personality, and vocabulary.”[1] i. on incarnational ministry David Lim, a Pentecostal scholar, clears up a misconception.  Some say the Gifts of the Spirit are all supernatural.  Some people… Read more

March 21, 2021

The old-time psychologist Carl Jung said a lot of things that were not well received, maybe not even true, but he did say a lot of things that were spot-on.*see note Carl Jung on disorder One of the things he talked about was that sometimes we carry life with us as we’re doing life.  In other words, it’s kind of like we carry our life with us in a backpack behind us.  And people come along and criticize certain aspects… Read more

March 18, 2021

Does the Holy Spirit operate the same way with all of us, or not?  Scholars have different opinions.  Classical Pentecostalism points to some Passages like 1 Corinthians 12 to show that the Spirit has the same intentions for all of us.  When it comes to the Gifts of the Spirit, what God offers to one Christian He offers to all Christians. series on the Gifts of the Spirit Joseph Castleberry and others on the spoken word CLICK HERE on the energetic… Read more

March 15, 2021

I’m sure you don’t want to hear that countless people are still praying for you Audrey, but they are, and your story is not over. CHRISTIAN OPINION: For awhile now, we have been witnessing someone’s downward spiral, with the same terror that I guess one would experience if witnessing an actual falling angel. Audrey Assad has turned from the faith (apostasy, backsliding, whatever you want to call it). She is almost gleefully exploring heterodoxy.  Furthermore, she is instructing others to… Read more

March 8, 2021

Even though they’re good changes, they can become stressors.  They are usually in the top 10 family stressors. Good afternoon!  I’m just taking a quick coffee break down by the fire while my computer updates.  I want to take a quick moment to talk about a conversation I had with a colleague this week in the counseling area.  Part of that conversation had to do with good family stressors. good family stressors Sometimes when people get into situations like we’ve seen… Read more

March 1, 2021

Good afternoon!  It’s a beautiful day here in the Roanoke Valley.  I’m just jumping on here really quick with a What if? question.  I’ll share that here in a second. What if you reached 1K people this month? It has to do with Reach.  On one of my channels, I’m an Evangelical Columnist for Patheos.com.  It’s the World’s largest religion website and community online.  Just look there for Evangelicals and you’ll find me and some of my articles. To visit… Read more

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