September 11, 2022

I personally don’t know exactly why the original format seems different. The intent was to review some literature and then perhaps offer some Biblical ideas either before or afterwards, only as a way of answering questions Christians sometimes have about other source materials for ethical decisions. However, some works are a work in progress. I do not know how to revise the words. I have attempted already. There are some lines I try not to cross. Pre flood is one... Read more

September 10, 2022

personally speaking, down from anger. this is no play on words. this has different meanings, or does it? it’s not war related. there’s no reason to play Monopoly. none of us remember the Bell Telephone fiasco, or do we? in our day, certain music artists become leaders. their names live on through the businesses and leaders who have walked the circuit with them. who knows who is living among us today? please find these thousand hills online;... Read more

September 7, 2022

“Church Clap (feat. LeCrea)” TEA TIME QUESTION Do You Have Any Stevia Around Here? We really have to get away from the dot coms Oh BUSINESS QUESTION Lead-In I appreciate the right LinkedIn has offered recently for people to identify as He/She, especially on a platform geared toward establishing businesses under a name. It’s A Matter Of Semantics When did everyone stop considering language, each and every word, at face-value? Pharrèll Actually see question below for further explanation, humor me... Read more

September 2, 2022

You can clean up a room like that and 3 days later be like, oops He did it to me again Windows Are Rolled Down Not again Do you all need something to write on? You have a Spotify?! That’s hard to get Do you all need something to write on? A couple looks like that and he’s not even looking Do you all need something to write on? Just get a Linux instead of Adele or Windows cleaned (foggy... Read more

August 30, 2022

“Tarshish sent merchants to buy your wares Wares can seem neutral, possibly can be something beyond like trinkets, maybe even charms. I would’t read to much into it. It’s not quite like angels una|wares, and it may not be as bad as spilling the beans or spilling the entrails to read, but in this passage it’s something to be a|ware of. Apparently it’s as if our Lord is saying your wares are diminished Tarshish; in this case. in exchange for... Read more

August 26, 2022

It’s a little long. This is a blend of fiction, historical fiction that we all are reeled in by, and plain hyperbole. I guess if Jesus had a TikTok and I knew how to access his TikTok and where he was TikTalking, you’d better believe I’d be one of his followers. I believe he was hilarious at times, but times have changed again. He is serious in modern art, could win a prize for congeniality, but I have got to... Read more

August 24, 2022

I’ve tested the microphone and this particular thing is doing okay. I’m not really sure about podcasting, so against one of my norms I’m not going live. Some people wear these over the ear. Sometimes they have the courtesy of some sort of lag time, at least some of my friends behind the scenes. They told me I’d have to apply for some type of over the ear like that though. This is a whole particular slew of Scriptures. Hopefully it’s going... Read more

August 16, 2022

We offer plenty of services to the Christian community and to society in general. We have most likely since the time shift, whenever it was. Speaking of whenever it was [] If you can’t name it, then we probably don’t carry it! In my opinion, if we preachers were actually carry along the fun of life (as these monks) in person on Sunday morning, then we would more than likely have higher attendance. Why in the world are we blowing... Read more

August 13, 2022

I opened up the word directly to Ezra the other day. For some this may be a surprise, however Ezra-Nehemiah is oft considered one complete work, since the two are working in tandem. I would add the possible stories of the N. Kingdom peoples, although I am not truly well-versed in those stories and it would possibly require an intratestamental course. Nonetheless, I can scroll through the stories in my mind, ones of at least three people groups related in... Read more

August 8, 2022

What does Acts 15 speak to us today? law & idolatry in Acts, ethics pt. 6 What new Christians tradition/s commenced? Does this passage suggest that these are the only laws or ethics to be followed? If this were the case, the new tradition/s would be easy to keep, because we generally cook our meat and we look down on intercourse outside of marriage. The rule is not the only thing that the council’s decision passes on to us. The... Read more

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