October 16, 2022

There is one seat of authority over all, even Christians . . . even regarding matters of ethics or conviction. In Romans xiv.6-9, Paul launches into other matters of conviction. Again, the backdrop is a debate with the Judaizers, a rogue group attempting to make all Gentile Christians conform to Jewish Law and tradition (verse 6). There is always fuel for discussions on matters of conviction though, i.e. personal preferences, group norms, etc. Paul ties people together from various sides... Read more

October 13, 2022

Tonight somebody said “Happy New Year” as we chatted for a moment. My first reaction was “Yom Kippur,” which was actually last week. I never quite know with this person who really has the upper hand with Hebraic Scripture, customs, interpretation, etc. So I poked around in old journals. There’s always some significance to this window of days for me, usually some discerning process. a college fair to remember At one point, my guesstimate is sometime around now October 2018,... Read more

October 11, 2022

There are plenty of celebrated authors in the Christian faith. However, these are some books on hand which are not deep in the vaults of my personal library. Furthermore, this is a different platform. For those who are my readers, at times I will host a Tea Time with some type of talk over a select coffee or tea brew. This site carries it one step further into membership, and the title can’t be beat | buymeacoffee.com/jared.ingle There are only a... Read more

October 9, 2022

Some believe Sabbath is a practice, a spiritual discipline so to speak. Therefore an actual day of observance is beside the point. 1. we’ve got calendar issues There is ongoing speculation about the ebb and flow of the calendar at the time of Paul’s writing. Perhaps talks about a calendar based on the solar year, rather than the lunar calendar, are already underway in the times. Whatever the case may be, and whatever debates Paul could be addressing in the... Read more

October 5, 2022

food and work for the day, ethics pt. 11 There is continuity to this Passage, and the preceding ones, if we realize Paul is addressing ethical issues one by one. He seems to be knocking down doors and turning over tables that have historically divided nonbelievers, believers, and possibly even some of the Jews in his time. He is welcoming everyone to the table, by establishing ethics based on a new Judeo-Christian approach. Paul’s approach is certainly not unique. There... Read more

October 3, 2022

This stop, Crystal organized an entire getaway weekend without telling us anything. day 1 The 1st stop was the hotel we dropped, literally not too good. We’ve walked in and out of hotels before based on first impressions or even a hunch. The 2nd stop, after a few calls and websites, was the hotel we liked better. It was nothing fancy, but it was cleaner, had more amenities, and offered a suite option. True story: 2 hotels with the same... Read more

September 28, 2022

Throwback Tuesday latenite, anyone? Again, posted on a social network last nite. Our youngest really likes this video, but “it’s like blah” or yesteryear. You like it for awhile but then “it’s like blah…” Aren’t everyone’s children that way? Anywho… Video Review | Each night I used to read with my sons like my Dad did with us when we grew up. Now, there are so many ways to communicate shared meaning. My youngest and I often watch a video... Read more

September 26, 2022

neither here nor tHAIR | tea time on my watch Today’s selection is a French Roast, locally sourced. Although French and Italian are usually a little smokin’ hot for me in flavor and aroma, this particular French Roast is entirely smooth. FYI: Some baristas recommend French or Italian for creative maestros who operate Espresso makers, if they run out of Espresso coffee. Anyone remember your preacher saying? . . . “If you change your hair color, and then come to... Read more

September 24, 2022

No singular Christian group needs to rule the whole ekklesia, ethics pt. 10 Again, Paul is establishing an ethically normative principle. Refrain from judging the judgment/discernment of other Christians too quickly. For a brief on conviction: Romans xiv.1 & COIN, ethics pt. 9 One never knows what a fellow Believer is picking up on. As we delve into an ethical concern facing the Romans, we pause again to define where the issue lies with the Judaizers, in order to attempt... Read more

September 23, 2022

Romans xiv.1 & COIN, ethics pt. 9 This particular article is a carryover from the previous one, revised. The hope was to set the stage for some of the language in this NT Passage, words easily misconstrued. I sincerely hope I reflect a responsible interpretation, especially of the oft misunderstood term Judaizers. Please before proceeding with this particular Word Study, do not miss the importance of distinguishing aNE terms like Judaizers which are in effect “dead” like we would say... Read more

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