October 2, 2021

A presentation of Baylor University Honors College, Torrey Honors College at Biola University, Templeton Honors College at Eastern University, University of Dallas, Whitworth University, Gonzaga University, and Gonzaga in Florence. A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article like this, based on social media posts from the preceding week. To read Snyder, Lenarduzzi, & Dante CLICK HERE We all probably write a lot of words on social networks, in pm’s, and in texts if we stop and think about it…. Read more

September 28, 2021

One of the words in my life had to do with speaking before 1,000’s. This same word has been spoken repeatedly from the time I was young, in many different ways, many different locations, and from many different people. I’m sharing a quick vlog after a run on a trail that I like. I’m filming in an interior part where there are a bunch of wildflowers. There are bees bumbling along just going about their day. Last week I shared… Read more

September 23, 2021

Not every journal entry explores the nature of the prophetic as this one does. Some are just good family memories, experiences I don’t want to forget, etc. When I open the pages of my journals, I have something of importance to read. This is an actual entry from my journal. Let me explain the “why” real quick and then offer a couple of my guidelines for journaling, to set up this piece for you. “why” make a journal entry a… Read more

September 20, 2021

Koheleth seems to be an elder, reflecting on what is truly meaningful in this life. Life is brief. Our lives and times are in the hands of God. After taking last week off from Ecclesiastes, I am now returning to this study. For the most part, this is my original work submitted for publication, and originally published in 2013. This portion of Eccl 9 was originally published with what I have shared so far in Eccl 3 because of the similar themes…. Read more

September 16, 2021

Snyder, Lenarduzzi, & Dante: this article is really a mini-read with some of my favorite posts from this week. I took some really good pictures, but maybe I’ll save them for another time. What is important seems to be connections with the outside world. It’s better for me to truly connect with people online than merely to post GIFs, although I do text a good GIF every once in awhile to select friends. I am being impacted by these people… Read more

September 11, 2021

The greatest good, the highest good, is for them, “to be happy and enjoy themselves as long as they live” (Ecclesiastes iii.12.b). Life signifies all that one is . . . one’s vitality and passion, for instance be “happy and enjoy.” With everything, we are to rejoice and pursue the good. It is late in the day on Saturday. I try to get in a couple articles per week. This week, instead of integrating some work from the Early Church,… Read more

September 7, 2021

What does music, baseball, and Dante all have in common? From time to time, I just share a little bit of my social media. I’m so used to writing, that I often just give it away on these platforms. These posts clearly qualify for an article this week. What do the themes of music, baseball, and Dante all have in common? Well… me. Last week I shared jobs I was interested in… again jobs that had me in common. I… Read more

September 3, 2021

 …moreover he has put a sense of past and future into their minds, yet they cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end. (Eccl iii.11, NRSV) The last part of the verse can also be translated, “no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.” (NKJV) To compare the two translations CLICK HERE Solomon (pen name Koheleth) wraps up the poem from the beginning of Ecclesiastes 3 and dives deeper…. Read more

August 29, 2021

I have never really been great at remote work only, working only from home. I enjoy being in an office setting around others, with a desk. Nonetheless, working online may be on the horizon. We are finding ourselves entering a time when we need to start looking for employment. Please pray for us as this is a discerning process. These are some jobs I’ve saved in Virginia, primarily in education. I don’t know if I’ll start with full time or… Read more

August 25, 2021

Everyone wants personal peace, probably at least since the peace movement in the 1960’s. However, have we lost sight of the Biblical understanding, the strength of a peace that binds us together in community? In this series, we’ve looked at the authorship of Ecclesiastes CLICK HERE Then we started with the timeless beauty of the poem in Eccl 3. To read knowing the times | an introduction to Ecclesiastes 3 CLICK HERE Last week, we looked at the beauty of… Read more

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